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  1. Well, this may be sort of on topic, but I figured this was as good a place as any to post it.

    I have been working pretty hard to get my MPH, primarily so I can get a job with a NGO and do work overseas full time/year round and get paid for it. This sounds nice doesn't it? I absoloutely love Africa and have been there several times doing medical relief with several different organizations.

    My initial fears are that #1 I get older every year (31 this year) and I may end up just getting a lot of education for very little. #2 This is expensive and I may not make as much when I get out as I do now as a bedside RN and I am not sure I can get grants as easily as I did to become an RN. #3 To finish the MPH I have to move away from my friends and I am very very attached to them. I will have to start all over and in one o fthe hospitals known across the country for having a raunchy dangerous ED. I will be able to roll over some retirement benefits but who knows how much really. #4 I can already work overseas as an RN, of course generally, I can only do nursing and some nursing instruction. With the MPH I would have the skills to conduct some research and definitely affect infrastructure and health care delivery in some areas, which is what I really want to do.

    Should I just keep plugging away at this, or should I continue nursing and continue to do short trips (you know the schedule of a nurse, it runs your life) overseas? I am currently feeling very frustrated because this seems to be taking forever to do. Any input, encouragement etc would really be appreciated
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  3. by   kaycee
    You are still young. All that I can say is follow your heart. If a MPH is what you need, to practice and make a difference in other countries, I say go for it. You sound like someone who really wants to make a difference. Good luck and best wishes in whatever you choose.:angel2: