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  1. Hello Guys........

    I need some advice.......I became a Medical Assistant in 1999 worked for 6mos as a MA and stayed home to take care of my daughter and other boys. Essentially I became a SAHM. About 5mos ago I became a mOm for the fourth and final time. I am so ready to go back to work but I've been out of the field for years now, how do I get back in the field from being out so long. I want to work in a hospital setting so I can get them to help pay for nursing school. Most hospitals I've found don't hire MA's only CNA's or PCT"S. Should I start all over again from the bottom as a
    transporter or McDonald's or is there hope? I hope I didn't waste time becoming a MA for nothing I mean to take care of my children.

    Most places just won't hire you if you haven't had any experience in yrs.

    Any help would be appreciated if there are any Human Resource Coordinators out there can I email you my resume and you tell me how it looks? .

    Thanks in advance for all replies I'll take any good and bad!!!
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    I can't give any advice here because I am "so ready" to stay home.

    I work part-time fortunately . . . as you can see my goal is to be a stay-at-home mom. The stress of working full time before I got preggers two years ago was awful. My family life suffered. My marriage suffered. I was struggling with depression. Sometimes I think God sent this little guy to us to slow me down. My kids are 20 years, 18 years and 14 years and two years old. My 18 year old started rebelling shortly after I started working full time. I get slightly nauseous just thinking about my schedule.

    I wish you the best.

  4. by   Momof2Bys2Grls
    Thanks Stevielynn that was very encouraging. It's just that I want to help with the finances and I don't want to be out of the work force so long I forget what a Resume' is. I know I have been blessed to be here with my children for this long..........

    I've been with my oldest since Kindergarten he's in 4th grade now. My two youngest haven't been to daycare but for six months they're in Kindergarten and 1st grade.

    So that was a blessing I just didn't want them in daycare and I don't want my baby in daycare either I'm willing to work 3rd shift so that won't happen but my husband doesn't want me working 3rd shift anymore................
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Hi momof2bys2grls -

    I apologize. My intention was not to be discouraging. I didn't have any real advice for you so should have just passed this by.

    Just got home from work and I'm fried - very sick and demanding patients today. I snapped at my 18 year old son. Then my husband called to tell me his wallet had been stolen and I spent 15 minutes on the phone with my bank just trying to talk to a real person!

    Think I'll go take a nap.

    Again, sorry. And I meant the best wishes part.

  6. by   Noney
    Have you thought about babysitting during the day while your husband works and the older children are at school. With 4 children of your own you are used to children. The fact that you are a MA should make you more desirable to other parents.

    It's just a thought.
  7. by   Momof2Bys2Grls
    Hey Noney...........
    I actually had my own daycare about two yrs ago and my license has expired.............

    I really got tired with that when my children came home I was ready for the other children to go home............

    But thanks for that suggestion I actually made a little money this summer keeping a friends child for her.............

    Stevielynn you didn't sound discouraging your advice was great or comment what have you I appreciate your input.........

    However I'm sorry you had such a bad day. What shift do you work as a pt nurse? I hope your husband gets his things squared away with his wallet gone and all I know how much of a drag that can be starting all over again. Talk with on another thread maybe!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   flowerchild
    Is there a refresher course you could take?
    Everyone starts somewhere when they get out of school. Seems to me, you do have some experience, and with a refresher course, you should be ready for hire. Check it out. There may even be some courses online that you could take?
    Good Luck!
  9. by   Momof2Bys2Grls
    Thankyou Flowerchild I had'nt considered that............

    I am online now looking at maybe some temp agencies in my area. I got to start from somewhere...........