Only five more weeks!

  1. Only five more weeks until school starts for me. I start the week after my kiddos. I've gotten most of the closets cleaned out and now I am working on the garage:spin:

    Our books won't be in until the first week of August - it's going to be quite a bill. Some of my classes have three or more books. At least they have worked out a system to where you buy exactly what is required. A few semester's ago, we would end up returning and exchanging books because they were the wrong ones. Our school has gotten very efficient.

    I am also organizing my recipe box and getting cards written out with menus/ingredients so that it will be easier to do my weekly meal plans. We have gotten a menu plan from the school district so I don't make something the kids had for lunch that day.

    My kids are excited about starting marching band. This year they will not compete for state, but they will enter many marching contests. They should hear back pretty soon about their application for the Rose Bowl Parade for 2003. We are so happy for them.

    Even though it is extremely difficult going to school right now with all we have going on, I am so glad I have this opportunity. I feel that I am setting a good example for my family. Sometimes I regret not going to college right after high school. I now realize that I missed a very special phase in my life, but I also believe that everything we do happens for a reason. I am very blessed!

    Hope everyone is having a good summer! Let us know what you've been up to... any great vacations?
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  3. by   live4today
    That's wonderful news, Debbie. I can "feel" your excitement and enthusiasm. :kiss May college be everything and then some for you as you experience it for the first time. May you be surrounded by wonderful nursing students who are helpful and encouraging, and may you and your family survive the drama of it all. Congrats!
  4. by   Debbie5
    Thank you! It will be great because that's what I'm going to make it! (I've learned a lot about positive attitudes!)
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    debbie, i am excited too! i was in marching band and loved it!

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