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    This is a online FREE Game
    This is role playing game as well as a war game. Sort of like a king of the mountain game, He who owns the most kingdoms and has the most gold will dominate the game. My character name is Hecates Revenge contact me there and I will give you a prize, mention how you found me. In addition to kingdoms and killing beasts and other players for gold you can also craft items to sell to other players and gain skills. It is so addictive! If you like to role play as war king, skilled craftsman, or a beast slayer this is the game for you!
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  3. by   Zee_RN
    I play a massive multiplayer online role-playing game called Asheron's Call (it's a premium game with a monthly cost). It is very addicting. I have been playing it for three years! Same character...her name is Gaea Niban and she is a level 58 Dagger-Wielding Warrior. Lots of monsters to slay. You can be a warrior, a mage, and tinker in various crafts too. There are monarchs that are established by pledge to a patron, he pledges to someone else ... top of the line is the monarch. It's amazing.