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  1. Just wondering if any of you are "freebie hunters". I have been for about 2 months. A lot of things that I have signed up for haven't came, but yesterday, I got a full size box of hair color from Nutrisse!

    What kinda good stuff have you gotten?
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  3. by   CraftyLPN
    I'm a freebie hunter!!woohoooo!!
    Where did you find your haircolor?
    I have gotten..Head and shoulders shampoo.. jelly belly candy..K_Y jelly samples..advil,tylenol,excedrin samples, bounce sam,tide samples,snuggle,2packs cigarettes,salon selective samples....
    I signed up for all kinds of stuuf when I first got online. Only received one or two of them, one a year later.
  5. by   kids
    My daughter signed up on-line at Ross Labs and got 2 full size cans of Lipil formula and (4) $5 off any Lipil coupons form them.
  6. by   litebrite
    I have been hunting since November and got LOTS of good stuff

    -2 travel size dental floss and two of those new picks for your teeth
    -2 packs of pot-it notes
    -conversation hearts (sm pack maybe 16) like you get on Valentine's Day
    -9 samples from Crayola (little pack of colored pencils, crayons, markers, glue, glitter glue, glue stick(full size), a pin, and I forget the rest
    -many sample packets of shampoo--Dove, Thermasilk, Pantene, and many more
    -pencils. a few
    -mugs, 2
    -t-shirts, 2
    -travel pack for contacts from Asosept
    -chocolate rose
    -full size Finesse and Sauve Shampoo
    -Kodak disposable camera
    -Dove Cleansing cloths
    -Olay, cream, night cream, cleansing cloths
    -Tic Tac Slivers
    -Hair color
    -fishing line
    -little vials of perfume
    -tampons- 3 different packs with 4-6 in and a full size with 20 (name brand)
    -pads- about 6 (name brand)
    -Feminine cloths
    -hand lotion -Healing garden, netrogena
    -Crest Tooth brush
    -kids binoculars (very nice)
    -Kids collapsible cup
    -stickers, flags, flowers, some nice other cheap
    -tote bag
    -the insulator you put around a can of soda
    -lip stick (full size) and one or two applications
    -deodorant (travel size)
    -bag of m&m's (sm bag)
    -can of Planter's peanuts (full size)
    -markers to demarcate on patients
    -latex gloves
    -heat activated hair wrap from thermasilk
    -dry erase markers
    -wish bone salad dressing (coupon for free full size product)
    -sargento cheese (coupon for free product)

    Many of the samples come with coupons and sometimes if they run out they just send a coupon. Also, a few times i got a rebate, like for my contact solution if you bought three boxes you got $15 dollars back.

    I am sure there is more I can't think of right now. It's not easy to get them. I am on disability right now so and taking classes on-line. So I am able to check a few times a day before all the samples run out. You will sign-up for 10 and only get like 3. The odds are against you. Many of the freebie sites also have contest forums. I have also won things that way too. Nothing big but full size shampoos, a Boyds Bear, and a $10 gift certificate to Also, be careful giving your name and address to sites that lookk unprofessional. You have to use your own judgement. I have a e-mail address just for signing up for freebies.

    Keep trying you'll get some good stuff. I have getting them in the mail!!!!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
  7. by   Nurse Izzy
    Wait - where have I been? Where do you get these freebies? How do I sign up?
  8. by   ShandyLynnRN
    do all these freebies also come with tons of spam email as well???