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  1. i am thinking about doing online courses for a degree, anybody out there already doing this please give me some input. which program are you in and how is it going , i have looked at graceland, university of phoenix and reagents but i am just not sure about the cost and if this is really something i should do. thanks already for your feedback.
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  3. by   joyrochelle
    I have been looking into those too just to make the transition into a master's program that much easier. I know that has a good one as well, but they are pretty expensive overall . i guess i need to compare on paper the courses at a local institute to an online one, as i am a community college girl with very affordable tuition! I guess what it all comes doen to, is what are your reasons for seeking out the BSN? If it's to imporve your practice on the floor, I would say not to do an online course...blah blah. let me know what you find out!