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  1. Do you know anyone who's met their mate online? Is this a safe practice?
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  3. by   aimeee
    I know several people here who have met their mates online. Follow your safety know...public place, meet with others present if possible...if your gut tells you something is a bit "off" listen to your instincts....etc. etc.
    My husband's uncle met a woman online. They got married a couple of years ago. Really nice woman.

    Like aimeee said, just be safe about it, use your common sense.

  5. by   shygirl
    Don't do it! There are plenty of nice people around where you live, I'm sure. Go to church, or join a singles group. Become involved in community projects. You'll meet some one there! I know I'm a "fraidy-cat" but better safe than sorry!!! Good Luck. Shygirl
  6. by   Cindy_A
    ME!! I met my hubby online. It's just like they've said before, use common sense, meet in a public place, etc. There are no guarantees with ANYONE you meet in church or anywhere. A friend of mine thought this guy she went to church with seemed like a nice guy, turned out to be a convicted child molester!
  7. by   NurseDennie
    I know several, several, several people who met and fell in love online and married. I think it's cool that you get to know somebody almost more intimately online than you do in person. At first the appearance and things like that are SOOO important in person, but when you've met online and already know the person inside, then you find that the appearance isn't so all-important.

    Sure, people can hide who they are inside when they are online but they can do that IRL, too.

    A friend I met online came to visit me from England, and when he went through customs, they asked him why he was coming to the US, and he said to stay with a friend, and they asked how we met, and he said "online" and he said he thought they maybe weren't going to let him into the country! I thought that was funny.

    I say: GO FOR IT.


  8. by   zudy
    Actually, I'm waiting to me someone HERE. zudy
  9. by   thisnurse
    me me!!!!
    i met my SO online. been together for 3 years.
    just be everyone else said!
  10. by   LasVegasRN
    I tried before, didn't have good luck, but Las Vegas isn't the optimal place for dating. Thinking of giving it another whirl and be more open to dating different people... think "outside of the box" if you will...
  11. by   indeed
    Aye...I met boyo online. He only lived about two hours away from me, so it only stayed online for about a month. It all depends, really. I wasn't looking to meet someone...we actually met in a Rammstein chatroom, if you can believe that. The whole thing was nature playing tricks with my mind. But three and a half years later and he's sitting behind me now so something must have been right about it. Heh. I guess the point is that some people will lie to you and some won't, whether you are online or at the bar or even at church. Remember those "gut feelings" because they don't leave you just because you're on a computer. There's a lot you can pick up about people from phone convo too. If you want to meet someone, just be open to all of your possibilities because you never know when it's gonna strike.

  12. by   shannonRN
    my so's sister met her current boyfriend online...been together almost a year...he's the nicest guy she has ever dated!
  13. by   live4today
    Have two friends who met their spouses in an online dating chatroom. They seem to be very happy with one another. I prefer to see the man...I'm very visual...and if the visual aint kickin'...there's no way I'm taking it to another level. :chuckle
  14. by   RN-PA
    An ex-coworker of mine met her husband online and I attended their wedding last December. She had contacts in law enforcement and she somehow got a background check done on the guy before they met in person since she also has a young son. So far, they seem to be doing great.