Online Banking-Do you pay Bills? Look at your checking Activity? Does your bank char

  1. My bank charged a $2 fee this month because I monitor my checking account balance online. I do not pay bills online. They said "there would be another $ 2 charge for that."
    And I was charged another $2 for wanting a "paper statement of my monthly checking account activity." (I want them to mail me a monthly statement. )
    They do not return the cancelled checks. The bank stopped doing that a year ago.

    1. Do any of you still receive your checks back with your monthly statement from the bank?
    2. Do you pay bills on-line?
    3. Does your bank charge an "online fee?"
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  3. by   karenG
    I use online banking. thats to say totally! I use a bank called Cahoot- which has no branches and I do everything online. makes keeping track of my money (what little there is!) easier. dont write checks anymore!

  4. by   Cindy_A
    I belong to a credit union, I can check my balnces online, pay my car loan, and our 2nd mtg from the site. I use my debit card a lot, and the only fee I am ever charged is when I use my debit card over the alloted number of times per month. I don't get my checks in my statement, my bank does not charge an on-line fee, and yes I do pay bills on-line. I would look into a credit union, they are much cheaper tahn banks.
  5. by   kids
    My bank offers free unlimited internet and telephone access, there is a $3.95 per month fee for using their website for electronic bill payment. Our checking account is free and we have the option of getting a (free) paper statement in the mail or not. They charge $10/mo if you want copies of your checks each month (banks very rarely exchange the actual paper check any more...transactions are handled electronicly, the checks are microfiched and destroyed).

    I pay for all of out bills by EFT via my banks website, the bills website or over the phone. I use my VISA/debit/ATM card for all purchases...unlimited transactions except for a .75 fee for using ATMs other than my banks more than 5 X in a month.

    The only time I EVER have cash is when I hit the ATM on Fridays for the boys' allowences and the only time I write a check is the the day before payday
  6. by   passing thru
    That brings me to another question.
    A couple of years ago, I paid my credit cards by phone --free ! Now, if I forget to write a check in time, and have to call them to make a phone payment, they all charg $10 to $25.
    I don't like that, so try to pay on time. I like your system kids r us, and i do have a credit union account,,and a bank account. Guess I need to sit down and educate myself to my options and get my bill-paying up to 2003 technology. I'm stuck in my small town ways, and still miss getting my checks in the mail and checking my monthly statement with them. Actually, I was hoping someone would say they still get their checks back and I was thinking I would switch. It is a paperless-moneyless society ...almost, isnt' it?
  7. by   Mkue
    I pay bills online, not all of them, and still get checks with monthly statement.
  8. by   emily_mom
    I don't bank online, but I do pay almost all of our bills that way. Much easier than mailing....
  9. by   niteshiftnurse
    i don't pay bills on line, but i make alot of transfers from one acct to another. i don't pay any charges. i also get my checks with the statement and there is no cost for that either. i can make as many transfers as i want with no charge for even access
  10. by   researchrabbit
    I pay most of my bills online at the various websites. My bank is 3 blocks away, but I can check my balance online free (which I do).
  11. by   Q.
    I bank on-line, pay bills on line, use my debit card as often as I need too - no fees whatsoever. We belong to University of Wisconsin Credit Union.

    We used to bank with Bank One, until we realized they charged for even looking at your balance or making a withdrawal. We pay absolutely no stupid fees with uwcu. In fact, if we write a check and we don't have the funds in our checking account, they will automatically draw from your savings or any other various accounts we have to pay the bills - and all for a $3.00 transfer fee, versus a $25 overdraft fee that Bank One used to charge - even though I had the money sitting in another account!

    Anyway, we're happy with our bank.
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  12. by   passing thru
    That's what ticked me about my bank. First they encouraged everyone to get online to look at their checking accounts. Then, a year later, without even a note, there is the $2 online fee. It isn't the dollar amount as it is no note/message of the fee, and the fee is charged for looking at my checking account balances. It lists the #'s of the checks paid and the amounts of the checks...and deposits made. In other words, I am looking at my online checking account.
    I balance my checkbook online, there is not fee or limit to how often I can check it.

    I pay some bills online, but also write some checks. I use my debit card for most purchases.

    I still receive a monthly paper statement and my checks back, for which my bank does not charge. I never open them though, because I balance everything according to my online statement. Keeps everything in line much quicker.

  14. by   Lausana
    Ditto! Love online banking I like being able to view all the details of my car loan I have there and very current details of my checking. I'm not really sure about the phone banking, I've never used it before.

    I bank at a credit union & like it much better than when I banked at a bank