one way to get the $$ for my lipo...

  1. Oddly Enough - UK Reuters

    Women steal kids' IDs for plastic surgery

    Thu Aug 15, 9:41 AM ET

    MIAMI (Reuters) - Two Florida prison officers are accused of using children's Social Security ( news - web sites) numbers to get credit cards used to pay for tummy tucks and liposuction, federal officials have said.

    The Miami-Dade County employees, Della Savoury-Mayo and Xiomara Lobo, were charged with identify theft, according to the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida.

    The women each face a maximum prison term of 15 years and a fine of up to $250,000 (163,000 pounds).

    In addition to surgery, Savoury-Mayo and Lobo were accused of using the credit cards to pay for cars and home mortgages.

    The complaint also alleges the officers did not repay the credit they obtained using the stolen Social Security numbers.
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  3. by   OHmom2boys
    That's awful!

    You know something scary? Jacob was sent a pre-approved credit card application when he was in kindergarten.

    I wrote on the application that this was a 5 yr old kindergarten student. Never heard from them again!
  4. by   kids
    More scarey...

    My husband and his (now) ex-wife had their bussiness fail and ended up bankrupting in 1996 to the tune of about $80K...lost the house, cars everything.

    She lives in Oklahoma, last year her mom cashed in a CD and loaned her $10K as a down payment on a house. They have been divorced since 1997. She gets "you have been selected to receive a pre-approved <insert card here>!!!" mail all the time, addressed to her at our house here in Washington (she has never even been to WA)...I am not talking about those return the enclosed acceptance certificate junk mail stuff...there are actual credit cards in the envelopes.

    Sometimes it is pretty tempting to do a little shopping...