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  1. I have read alot on global warming lately. Discover Magazine ran a story about the ice caps melting, forming a river of fresh water in the Atlantic Ocean that could interfere with the Gulf Stream which helps keep our temperatures warmer, and this interference could cause frigid temperatures. When I was in Buffalo, I read an article in the Buffalo Times that stated that the level of the Great Lakes could drop so much so fast that the water would become more concentrated, more polluted and the shipping industry there would die d/t low water levels. I have very bad vibes about this. President Bush has stated that global warming is a media created.frenzy. When are we going to wake up and stop this destruction of the earth? Came across this site tonite when checking out my favorite station's concert calendar at . Dave Mathews is involved. Anyone interested?
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    Here are some easy ways to help! Seriously, this scares me and we can all help. The U.S dumps 1/4 the CO2 into the atmosphere, 1/4 of the 16 million dumped every 24 hours! Please look at this site and ways to help!