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  1. Well, ...... I did it ! Rich and I got married last Friday! Just a quiet little ceremony, but that's the way I wanted it. I've been so stressed lately , studying to take my Psych test... and I did that, too.... and I got an A !!! Now I'm ready to tackle Sociology.... onward!! I think it'll take forever, but someday I, too will proudly be able to put RN behind my {new} name....
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Well that is wonderful news. Congratulations to you and Rich...hope you have many blessed years together. Best of luck to you both!
    Congratulation to Mrs. Rich and Mr. recnurse1! May many happy years follow!

  5. by   Tookie
    Congratualtions - small and spontanous thats how we did it too 24 years ago - Have a happy and long life full of shared and joyous memories together.
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  7. by   Robin61970
    May your lives be long and happy!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!
  8. by   finallyRN
    :hatparty: Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   Lausana
    Sneaky title I missed this earlier :chuckle so...

  10. by   BadBird
    congratulations to you and your new hubby !!!!