OMG.....I am in tears!!!

  1. My 19-yr-old son is not one to think about cards, gifts, etc. Not just with me, with anybody. If he's not reminded he will rarely remember to even say "Happy Birthday" or any other holiday greeting, except for Christmas. He has been living with us for a year, ever since his mother and stepdud kicked him out after high school graduation. He just came home from school and gave me his first ever birthday gift to me and a card with a Mama poem on it, about how mamas love and teach and everything else that some would consider sappy.

    It is the absolute best birthday card I have ever received in all my years.
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  3. by   muffie
    ahhh tazzi
  4. by   Rizpah
    :icon_hug: I'm happy for ya Tazz - and
  5. by   Ted
    Yep! Mom's are special. And. . . it seems like your son is realizing this as well. It's nice to see tears of happiness coming from a mother's eyes.

    Thanks for sharing your story. . .

  6. by   swartzrn
    Oh how sweet! I am so happy for you
  7. by   donsterRN
    Taz- How wonderful for you!

    Somehow I missed news of your birthday. I hope it was wonderful. Happy Belated Birthday!!!
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  9. by   leslie :-D
    his actions speaks volumes about his obvious love and devotion towards you.
    he's blessed to have you and maybe he's finally realizing everything he wants in a mom.
    blessings to you both.

  10. by   crissrn27
    so sweet, looks like you raised a good man Tazzi

    And Happy Birthday!
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  12. by   Grace Oz
    "They" say; What you give out returns to you.
    I'm happy for you!
  13. by   clemmm78
    Aww, how sweet!
    We just never know how and when we get through to them, do we?