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  1. :angel2: Help, Need prayers and some info. Hubby has an interview wed the 16th in Olympia PUHLEEZ send out some prayers that he gets this job we need to relocate . I am a washington girl transplanted in Kansas and "dying" to get back to Washington. I have been in contact w/ Providence St. Peter in Oly. , and they have quite a few openings... esp. in OR, my first love Any info regarding Hospital, and Prayers will be appreciated Thanks Marci
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I work(and play) in Olympia, WA and love it. St. Petes is supposed to be a pretty good place to work. PM me if you need anything! I know quite a few folks who work at St. Pete's!

    Here is St.Peter's website:


    Also Capital Medical Center (West Olympia):


    Both have job listings that are easily located on their sites.

    I wish you luck!
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