Old Nurses In The Hospital

  1. I took care of a delightful old PHD'd nurse. A big shot and some university up North, long retired, with encephalopathy from liver problems.

    Cries real tears in the middle of the night "I planned all week for this conference and no one came". Poor sweetie was reliving a horrible moment and there was no consoleing her.

    That's what happens to old nurses. We get demented and then we get to relive the horrors.

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  3. by   Hardknox
    And this is funny how?????????????????????
  4. by   NurseDennie
    Oh, I didn't get that it was trying to be funny. I got that he liked the old gals and was commenting on the irony of working as a nurse all your life and then getting confused when you're retired and STILL nursing in your head. JMHO


  5. by   Nurse Ratched
    Originally posted by NurseDennie
    Oh, I didn't get that it was trying to be funny. I got that he liked the old gals and was commenting on the irony of working as a nurse all your life and then getting confused when you're retired and STILL nursing in your head. JMHO
    I have to agree . Poor dear - kinda depressing to know I'll probably be having hallucinations about being short staffed long after it matters!
  6. by   adrienurse
    OMG! Caring for nurses with dementia is NOT FUN. Trying to keep then from putting people to bed is half the battle.
  7. by   obeyacts2
    My Mom had a patient in LTC that regularly "fired" the CNA's and other staff. It turns out she had once been DON at a nearby hospital.

  8. by   tiger
    yes! i've been fired and given raises/promotions.
  9. by   hapeewendy
    I dont want to relive any of my horrible nursing experiences when I'm 95 (god 95! I'm struggling enough with trying to grasp the fact that I'm 26!)
    she's paid her dues, she shouldnt have to wake up all stressed and what have you anymore...
    I've taken care of many nurses , one inparticular was frickin hilarious, she was confused at times but more with it than not , she went into our clean utility room once looking for the porcelain *spelling?* bedpans.....
    i've had retired nurses in ltc with dementia....one in particular kept going behind the nsg station in order take-off orders...lol! we had to make a mock chart just for her to take orders-off...sometimes she would shadow us while we're doing our med pass & she would try to console other pts with sdat. it was a lot of work to keep her busy (as she was a 11pm-7am nurse)...needless to say....she was up to *work* every-night!

  11. by   bagladyrn
    I've already told my son that when I get old and senile and have to be in the nursing home, I'll be the little old lady in the geri chair at the nurses station all night (you know there's always one). After an entire career spent working nights, no way are they going to turn my sleep cycle around then!
    Also told him my new ambition in life is to become an outrageous old woman and a total embarrassment to him when he's middle aged.
    (He told me I've already got it all down but the old part)
  12. by   hapeewendy
    haha someone I work with has pegged me as
    "the crawling out of bed, using her walker backwards as she tries to nurse all the patients in her nursing home" nurse when I get older...
    I love taking care of nurses (well, thats a bit extreme, I love taking care of nurses like the ones mentioned in this thread! woot better) I think its interesting how even when we are retired for 50 years we are still "all about the nursing"
  13. by   Jenny P
    I remember a nurse in the nursing home I'd worked in back in high school. She'd been a nurse back at the turn of the 20th century through the 1920's; she kept yelling at us about "proper body positioning" and how important that was. However, the poor thing had had a stroke years before and suffered from left side neglect(funny that I can still remember which side!), so her "proper body positioning" was totally out of alignment from what was really correct alignment. I loved that lady in spite of her crusty personality! Some of the stories she told me were grand.
  14. by   LoisJean
    My Mom is one of those "old nurses"; she lives in a nursing home now and 'takes care' of her room mate. She also 'diagnoses' her table mates at meal times when they begin to talk about their various ailments. One charge nurse told me she thought it was "cute". I told her that "cute" old lady nurse was a PhD RN and to please never use the word, "cute" in front of her and definately NEVER use that word in front of me again when referring to my Mother.

    Her contributions to the education of nurses in the area of Pediatrics was astounding. During WWII she developed the Pediatrics Unit at a large University teaching hospital. It was, at the time, state-of-the-art and was 'manned' by nurses who she had instructed and hand picked because of the physician shortage- most of them called into service during the war.

    Her last 20 years of nursing were on a Peds unit as a staff nurse in a small town hospital; her badge simply had her name and 'RN' after it. But, don't you know that Docs would ask her for her input and opinion in the diagnosing and treatment of a babe or two?!

    I am grateful that she still has the capacity to recall with accuracy. Her stories of the 'old days' are great and she's got a million of them!

    Lois Jean

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