Okay, what haircare products do you use?

  1. Now that we have all shared what we pay to make ourselves beautiful, what products do we use to maintain that look? I have been using the Bed Head Control Freak....trying to keep these curls under control.....

    For those of you that have used salon products and grocery store "shyt" as Heather so nicely stated, can you tell a big difference in the products?
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  3. by   Q.
    I use Aveda's Rosemary Mint Shampoo and conditioner, and for sculpting I use this stuff my hairdresser used: It says M Defining System Carving Paste. It smells like amaretto cookie.
  4. by   cactus wren
    I use grocery(Walmart) store shyt...Whatever is cheapest...and formulated for color hair....except Suave products,,,they make my hair feel weird....I think right now I`m using Thermasilk...seems to work just fine....
  5. by   plumrn
    I've been using Loreals new stuff, Fresh Vive shampoo and the conditioner. It seems pretty good. I also spent ALOT of money on some stuff from my hair salon (Regis) called design line. I sometimes use the mousse and the straightening gel or pomade.
    It smells so good! But my hair never looks as good when I use that stuff as it does when they use it on me!
  6. by   Lausana
    Herbal Essense Intensive Blends-Replenishing Shampoo/Conditioner and also like the leave in conditioner.

    I really don't use styling products unless it's for a special occasion since my hair is long and seems to hold curl well when I do, but I like John Frieda Ocean Waves for a little styling, plus it smells like summer
  7. by   Stargazer
    I'll try almost anything, but I always end up going back to Aussie products. Right now I'm using the Volumizer Shampoo (smells like watermelon!) and also the Volumizer spray-on treatment right before I style--haven't found anything else that works like this product. And I have faithfully used the Sprunch Spray for years. Best hairspray ever.

    For in-shower conditioning I mainly use the stuff that comes in my haircolor kit; but I always use Sebastian Potion 9 before blow-drying. Can't live without that stuff.
  8. by   Mkue
    Matrix, shampoo, conditioner and hairspray.
  9. by   Keely-FutureRN
    I use Tigi orange shampoo and grapefruit conditioner. Then I use bed head controlling gel to keep the little frizzies down. I hate the generic kind because it feels like it leaves a cakey residue. But, whatever suits you best!

  10. by   preciousnurse
    I use Aveda products and I love them. The shampure shampoo smells so good and the rosemary mint shampoo makes your scalp tingle I also use their makeup.

  11. by   Nurse Izzy
    Depends on the length of my hair (it's short right now) and what look I'm going for:
    Redken Guts (always!) for volume
    Redken Hot Sets to hold curl - this stuff is awesome, just wish it smelled better!
    Paul Mitchell Spray Wax (short hair)
    Short Sexy Hair Control Maniac (for a lot of control/hold)
    Kenra Artform Pomade (for my lazy days or when my hair's longer)
    Paul Mitchell Freeze & Shine Hairspray
    Shampoo & Conditioner - whatever's cheapest at Wal-Mart.

    It sounds like I used lots of stuff, but it's really only a few things and I buy the Guts, Hot Sets and Hairspray in bulk so it's cheaper. Plus, it doesn't take me a lot so I only have to replace stuff about once a year. I've had the Kenra for almost three years now. Glad it doesn't go bad! Love the smell!

    If anyone can give me an alternative to the Hot Sets that works as well but smells better please do!!!
  12. by   nursedawn67
    I like a great smelling shampoo (VO5 had a great Christmas smelling one), and some type moisturizing concitioner. Then after the shower I use pantene light detangler conditioner, and also when hair dry I use Got2Be shine spray.
  13. by   shygirl
    I'm using Bed Head products now. I love Aveda and Montage too!
    Originally posted by mkue
    Matrix, shampoo, conditioner and hairspray.

    I'm a faithful Matrix girl! I use several of their lines for shampoos, conditioners, hair spray, and voluminizers:

    <----- This one was discontinued

    <---- This hairspray I couldn't live without (I use the purple line!)