Okay, spill the beans.....

  1. I got this idea from the thread about "my neighbor saw my breast". What was your most embarrassing moment in your teenage years? I recall as a teenager of 15, I was "going steady" with a guy named Danny. I was sitting on his lap, for a fun game of kissy face and suddenly felt a warm swish occur. When I stood up his white jeans had this very red stain on them, and we ain't talkin' strawberry jam. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Anyone else want to fess up to your :imbar? Luckily he was very sweet about it and his Mom washed the jeans right away, but I will always remember that feeling....
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  3. by   ShandyLynnRN
    My very first "monthly visitor" came my freshman year in high school. I got it one afternoon just as I got home. The next day, I had assumed would be fairly light, as I had no cramping, etc, and being my first one. Well, IT WASN'T! I had to change tampons during first hour, and then again before second hour, and then at the end of second hour, I stood up and a friend behind me said "OH MY GOD, SHANDY!" I turned around and noticed a big puddle in my seat!!!! Ofcourse, the MALE teacher had no kleenex, paper towels, or anything!!! I just sat back down, and tried to soak it up with my pants!!! When that didn't work, I just left! I was mortified!!! On top of that, I was supposed to leave in 30 minutes for a jazz band trip, and had to cal my mom to rush up to the school with new black pants (thank goodnes they were black!) and a huge box of "toiletries"....and to top it all off, I had to spend my dinner break at the store searching in agony for just what to buy! As I had never bought anything like that before. And there were all the guys in the band across the aisle in the toy section looking for water guns!!! They just kept starting at me! (or so I thought anyway)....needless to say, it wasn't the glorious experience I THOUGHT it would be!!!
  4. by   CountrifiedRN
    Walking down the road with my boyfriend while chewing gum. Thought it would be cool to blow a big bubble (it was hubba bubba gum, remember that?), and while in the process blowing it right out of my mouth. Watched it as if in slow motion arc up into the air and come back down, landing right on my boyfriends shoe as he was walking. Then watching him flail his foot around trying to fling it off, only to have it stick there, and he had to bend down and pull it off. Eeeewwwww.
  5. by   renerian
    First of all Shandy that is so upsetting your post. I had that happen to me and it is terrible.

  6. by   Tweety
    In a very quiet chemistry class, on those stools, I turned around to give my neighbor something and fell out of the chair into the aisleway in the middle of the class. The laughter from the class was deafening. Even the teacher couldn't help a grin as she was trying to get control of the class.

    During awards day, I unexpectedly to myself won an award in French as "Best French I Student", as I was walking up in front of the entire school, someone yelled "F*ggot!". Again the laughter was deafening. I was so humilated, I was suicidal for days.
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  7. by   delirium
    Aww, 3rd Shift... I'm sorry about that.
    Some embarrassing situations we can look at later and laugh about but yours... man, that'll never be funny.

    I wish I could kick that dude's ass for you.
  8. by   Sleepyeyes
    Originally posted by delirium
    Aww, 3rd Shift... I'm sorry about that.
    Some embarrassing situations we can look at later and laugh about but yours... man, that'll never be funny.

    I wish I could kick that dude's ass for you.
    me too
  9. by   Sleepyeyes
    OK, when I was 14 I dated this reallly really BIG guy-- 6'4" and 19 years old. Wanted to marry me before he shipped out.
    He kissed me. I kissed him back.
    He playfully tries to cop a feel.
    I take off across the field and he's hot on my heels for a few minutes (I could really run when I was a kid), then finally he gets ahold, and picks me up in the air and squeezes me in this great big BEARHUG---
    and I farted. LOUD.

    OOPsie... :imbar:

    Maybe I shoulda married him....the big goofballl thought it was CUTE and laughed his a** off about it for the rest of the day.
  10. by   emily_mom
    When I was in 8th grade we had a traveling planetarium visit our school. One of the male pigs in my class was laying next to me. He said he went down my pants and I, um, didn't have any hair . It was a big lie (about him going down, that is... ), but he told everyone in the school this. Everyone started to call me "bald eagle" and "baldie". When I was a cheerleader, people would start shouting, "Give me a B, give me an A...." and so on when I was trying to cheer. I was so mortified. Thankfully by about 12th grade they let up...probably b/c they knew I would kick their a*s....

    I have others, but this was definitely the worst. People can be so cruel sometimes. I've never told anyone about this, not even my husband, but I know I can trust you guys.....

  11. by   renerian
    Sleepy your story is funny now but I bet it was not funny then, awwwww. 3rd shift guy,,,,,,feel bad for you too.

  12. by   shygirl
    This one still makes me laugh!

    When we were younger, my girlfriends and I would drive around and "flash" people. We'd pull our shirts over our heads at stoplights. Once when it was my turn, I pulled up my shirt and the car stalled! I immediately pulled my shirt down and there in the next car was my father! He was so mad at me when I got home, I never did it again!

  13. by   baseline
  14. by   kaycee
    I was a senior in high school and went to a party. There was a guy there I really liked. There was booze at the party and being the stupid teenager that I was, drank too much. I was sitting on the couch with this guy I was trying to impress and right after eating some McDonalds french fries I hurled all over him.
    where's the puking smiley's when you need them
    Anyway he called and asked me out the next day and we dated for 3 yrs.