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  1. As you may know, me and the bf adopted a 2 year old lab/ golden retriever about a week and a half ago. I am going to heed previous suggestions for obedience training, but I need some advice in the mean time.

    I know this dog is still getting used to us as her new owners and still getting used to her new surroundings, which may account for some of her behavior.

    One thing she does is pees on the floor whenever somebody new comes over and pets her. Otherwise she always goes to the bathroom outside. Only has accidents when she gets too excited. Is there anything we can do to help her stop doing this?

    She also acts afraid to go outside. She is fine if you are out there with her, but she will not go to the bathroom or run around in the yard if you put her on the leash and then go back into the house. She will just sit at the door and whine.

    Okay, last but not least she is not very obedient, which is why we will be doing obedience training soon. She already knows how to sit, stay, lay down, etc. But she only does it when she feels like it.

    Sorry that was so long, but I'm new to this dog thing. Thanks!
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  3. by   plumrn
    I have a Lab puppy. About 3 mos. old now. Love him, but he is a handful. Seems very easy to train, but he play-bites almost continuously! As he is getting bigger quite quickly, I am worried what we will do if we can't get him to stop this biting. It hurts!

    Just guessing, but it sounds like your dog needs socializing. Allow lots of visits by family/friends. Take her with you everywhere you can. Have her around lots of people and dogs, and it may help her to become more comfortable around other people/animals.

    Do a search on Google and you will find everything you need. Saved me from having to buy a training book. However, we still can't seem to curb this play-biting thing he does. Hoping he'll outgrow it, but the literature says that sometimes they don't.
    If anyone has any tips on this, I'm listening. Thanks ahead of time!
  4. by   cactus wren
    Sounds to me that she is still very anxious. After all she has had a major lifestyle change. At least that is IMHO why she`s peeing when petted. Give her lots of lovin, and hopefully this will cease as she becomes more comfortable in her new home.She also could have been tied up for long periods in her "old" home...or abandoned while teid up. Could be why she needs reassurance while outdoors. get her some training, but actually if she already sits,stays, etc., won`t need a whole lot.but will help you bond.
  5. by   Reabock
    On the play biting, I always would gently put hand around snout when they did it and say "No Bite", after a while they got the idea from just saying the words. Give them plenty of toys that he/she can chew on and play with them with those.
  6. by   cactus wren
    That baby lab is probably teething, Give him lots of chew toys, and do as suggested above. Hang in there, it dows get bwttwr...Love those babies, and Labs are sure great dogs.
  7. by   rachel h
    Thanks plumrn- I will give google a try. I was searching on MSN and didn't find very much good info.
  8. by   SandyB
    try a search on submission peeing and dogs...I think ur dog might be doing that.
    Keep us updated on how it goes...
  9. by   shrinkyrn
    Originally posted by rachel h

    She also acts afraid to go outside. She is fine if you are out there with her, but she will not go to the bathroom or run around in the yard if you put her on the leash and then go back into the house. She will just sit at the door and whine.

    I have a 2year old lab that we've had since 8 wks. She is a "shy dog" reportedly the hardest to train. The vet said she may outgrow the shyness but............ Sometimes she is goofy and fearful of stuff and it doesn't make any sense.... She has been treated very well by us.. she is a house dog... once in a while she does that submissive pee thing...... And sometimes she is too busy playing outside to go pee and when she comes in realizes "oops, I forgot to go" ... Still alot of puppy left, even in a 2 yr old esp. the retreivers..............Good luck.
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    What Rachel is describing is not submissive urination. Submissive urination is what happens when you say something in a firm tone and the dog, out of fear and submission, urinates. Rachel is describing the dog urinating out of excitement, which happens a lot in puppies (and some older dogs).

    The best thing to do for that is to ignore the dog. Really. Don't make a big fuss about coming home or other people coming to see the dog, and it won't happen nearly as often. Remember that you (and others) add to her excitement level and the summative effect is the urination. Try to be calm, ignore it when it happens, and it will happen less often.

    About being outside... it sounds to me that she is not afraid to be outside, but dislikes being outside by herself. This is a key difference. My rescue baby is just now getting to the point where she enjoys being outside by herself (well, with her big sistah), and I've had her for months. Honor that she doesn't want to be by herself and it will increase her trust in you and her feelings of comfort in your home. Give her some time to settle in and be patient while she unlearns some behavior.

    Try not to be too obedience-focused at first. Give her time, get to know her, let her explore her environment and become comfortable and THEN think about behavior modification. I know its frustrating to have such a boisterous, stubborn dog, but it is really in your best interest (and hers) to be patient. BTW, this doesn't mean the dog can have the run of the house and do whatever she wants, no matter how destructive it is, this just means that its not important that she sits/stays/lays/rolls over on command just yet. If ever. (My dogs will never be that obedient... but we're ok with that)
  13. by   Ortho_RN
    I agree with everything Delerium said... Some dogs never grow out of the excitement peeing stage.. Just don't punish her for that, she isn't doing it out of spite..
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    Reb, you are just soooo cool!

    Speaking of dogs, I feel like an azz. I recently clipped Fattie's nails and clipped it too short. It bled. I feel like a dick.