OK I am scared - how do I keep up

  1. Ok l have been away from the computer for only 5 nights

    I have sent the last 3 hours trying to find out wj\hat l might have missed out on over the past 5 days

    I logged on there were 21 pages
    528 topics and over 4477 posts

    I am overwhelmed

    I get back to the board and wonder where do l start - l need to read it all - l what so much to catch up and contribute
    I think theres a topic l like there another - Ok if l post then l nmight lose the page l am on (out of 21 l lose track) havent even unpacked yet!!!

    OK l am back home back to work tommorrow and no longer look feral - My hair has ben dyed - grape - l refer to it as a depp Merlot

    My nails look beautiful - have caught up with my childern a couple of firends and most importantly my Mum and Dad - now for the Bulletin Board

    First reaction was
    Next Reaction - where do l start - at the end of the 21 pages in case l lose track and cant catch up

    Any way - now it is much later and after 4 (small) sherry's time to unpack and go to bed

    Take care all
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  3. by   l.rae
    l know what u mean, sometimes after l work a coupla 12 hrs l've missed so much l feel out of the loop....l am going on vacation last week of Aug.....trying to decide weather to take lap top,,gee idon't know...it's just me and hubby,....maybbe not???....LR