OK hmmmmm Favorite drink?

  1. ok every monday since late march ahs been @#$% night in the er. i thought.....well it's miller time i am out of here! then i thought....i actually drink labatts blue.....(sorry brian that doesnt count as advertising does it?)
    ok so then i thought? what is everybodys favorite drink? i have to say long island ice teas! now i m out of here...leaving work..... later
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  3. by   RNforLongTime
    My favorite alcoholic beverage is Kahlua and Cream--or Seagrams Black Cherry Wine Coolers--bartles and james collers suck--I only like Seagrams
  4. by   cmggriff
    It's slow in the ER tonight so I'm catching up. Current favorite is called Moose Drool, made in Missoula, Mt. Unless my brother-in-law has made a batch of his very dark and chunky brew. I had a friend once who made something called "Pork Chop in a Barrel".
    He labelled it with his computer. That was awesome, too.
    In my former life I was potently enamored with Wild Turkey and Jack Daniels. But I gave that up for sanity. Gary
  5. by   MollyJ
    When you are the "drug lady", the right answer to this question is "water" but....

    I've never been a devoted drinker, in any sense of the word, but certain situations evoke certain beverages: It's summer so now it's Stoly and 7up with a twist of lime. Summer evokes beer, too, I like a micro brew called Fat Tire, but also Moosehead. That 2 dogs lemon beer isn't bad either. (though, like wine coolers, these flavored beers are designed to attract teen audiences to alcohol, though in my experience, they need little help being attracted.) For wine, it's KJ Chardonnay, but I love merlots and cabernets, too.
  6. by   CEN35
    i think for molly the question should have been, "what drinks don't you like".....lol! just kidding moll
  7. by   Zee_RN
    Don't drink much. When I do go out and have a drink, I tend to order vodka & tonic. Not too exciting, eh?

    As far as shots go, I love a B-52. Gotta be careful, tho...get myself in trouble quickly!
  8. by   mbarrow
    Favorite drink.....It's gotta be a margarita, on the rocks, no salt! Paradise in a glass.
  9. by   CEN35
    what the heck is a b-52? never heard of that one?
  10. by   Brian
    White russian is probably my favorite drink. Then Long Island a close second. Beer... Bud... Amstel Light... well the list could go on..... pretty much anything besides dark thick lager

    Rick, you are too funny, always with the advertising jab
  11. by   Doey
    there are several versions of a b52.

    kahlua, irish cream liqueur and triple sec.

    amaretto, kahlua and irish cream,

    grand marnier, kahlua, and irish cream.

    grand marnier, irish cream, and coffee liquers.

    not that i drink much, but love kahlua sombrero, fuzzy navel and mostly anything with kahlua or amaretto in it. also like the seagrams wine coolers!

    had a summer party a few years back with poeple from work and someone had a miami vice on a cruise and made it for us. pretty good. also pink fuzzy! blew a lot of us away!!!
  12. by   Stargazer
    Right now it's a gorgeous warm day so all I can think of are my favorite summer drinks. Sangria is a big favorite--I'm constantly on the lookout for the perfect sangria recipe. Lemon Drops are yummy and dangerous because you don't taste the alcohol. I love the margarita in all its many incarnations, but prefer it frozen in the summertime. A great fruity drink without too much alcohol is an Amaretto Sour. And almost anything with Midori is mmmmmm....

    If it's hot enough, though, nothing will do but an ice-cold beer.
    Hmmmmmm, let's see...

    If I'm just spending an evening at home, it's usually plain old wine coolers. If I'm out to dinner it's Amaretto Sours. But if I'm going out and plan on getting toasted, it's shots of 101 Ice and Oatmeal Cookies, which is a mix of Jagermeister (sp), Bailey's, Cinammon Schnaps, and something else thick & German that I don't recall.

    Of course, after all that, there isn't much I do recall...

  14. by   RNed
    My favorite drink is Pepsi. However, it is to sweet for me so I tone it down with whiskey. After that anything that is free !!!