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  1. I'm getting very jealous of all you guys and gals who have motorcycles. I'm trying to convince my husband to buy one so we can go crusin'. He said that I was going through my second childhood. Ever since I went with this guy many years ago who owned a real nice Honda Golden Wing tour bike, I've always wanted one. I love the free feeling ride with the wind blowin in my face. ( and all the bugs in my teeth) :chuckle I've got the "urge." Maybe I'll buy myself one. I saw this really cute one the other day. It was small, but just my size. Someone was ridin it and I couldn't get the name. I know I just wanted to steal it! I'd love to ride it to work on those warm summer nights. Buy me a nice leather jacket, a helmet and away I goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. What made you get into motorcycles?
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  3. by   nurs4kids
    Night, I feel like kickin' you! LOL..
    your description made my skin tingle. There is NOTHING like the feel of you, that bike, the wind and the road..nothing else in the world matters or exsist at that point. We want two..one for me, one for hubby. The kids LOVE riding motorcycles and they are only 3 & 4. Dad rides them weekly. He's 68 (but still very physically fit and mentally intact..less the eyesight..lol) and it scares the heck out of me, but I remember that love when I was a child. I remember him riding me..one of my fondest memories and I cherish those days. So, I let the kids ride with and say a prayer each time. Hubby didn't grow up riding them as I did, so my confidence level in him is not so good..not good enough that I want one of my kids riding with him (<wispers> but don't tell him I said that). He does frequently ride them on the 4 wheeler and is very good and careful. Maybe in due time, the momma in me will give in...not yet.

    I got my first bike when I was 4yrs..a Honda Z50. I could ride a bike before I could ride a bicycle w/o training wheels. Had a bike from then until just a few years ago when I stupidly thought I liked waverunners more than motorcycles. I love motorcycles, the feel, the smell...there's nothing about them I dislike. I rode back when "girls didn't ride." I drove one to school from the time I was 12 or 13 until I got a car at 16. I hated a bus that bad. For a couple of those years, I rode a Yamaha TT500. It was an enduro bike, had no tag and would kick you to the sky as you tried to kick-start it. I was relieved to finally get a street bike with an electric starter. I remember riding in the dead of winter. I'd get to school and my hands would be numb, my nose frozen stiff and lucky if my books were still strapped to the back and intact. There were only about five of us who rode bikes to school, so they'd designated a little grassy (muddy) area for us to park. I remember pulling over the curb to our "spot" in the dead of winter..praying the tires wouldn't slide out from under me. Only happened once..I was being cool..lol.

    Just remember..cars do not look for motorcycles, so you must CONSTANTLY watch for cars to come from every direction.

    Thanks for giving me the memories..
    those I cherish most!
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  4. by   Spidey's mom
    I remember my step-dad teaching me to ride a motorcycle while we were camping at Big Bear Lake . . . I was about 12 and SCARED to ride alone. He was 6 foot 7 inches tall and sat behind me as I drove around the campgrounds . .we had to stop at one point for traffic and then off I went, racing around. I drove by our campgrounds a few minutes later and noticed my step-dad sitting there with the rest of my family, watching me and laughing . . . and here I'd thought he was sitting behind me the whole time. I was riding alone and didn't even know it! I was having so much fun. I guess he just stood up and I drove away . . I still get teased about it.
  5. by   Rena RN 2003
    hmmmm.....gotta love a good motorcycle.

    i rode with friends a few times growing up. then i met dh. his bike was the only reason i went out with him in the first place. :chuckle the first summer we were together, we rode that bike everywhere. he would tease me from time to time about those t-shirst that say "if you can read this, the ***** fell off" :roll so i told him that i would just buy my own and he wouldn't have to worry about dropping me. :chuckle

    few months later, i bought a very old honda 350four to learn. bought it in feb. and road it around our yard in the snow. :roll a few months later, i scheduled to take my exam and couldn't get an appt for months and months.

    little did we know that when i bought the bike, i was pregnant. and yes, as luck would have it, my motorcycle license exam date was the same as my due date. didn't stop me from getting that license though.

    now that graduation is upon me, i've asked for only one thing. can you guess what it is?

    a new harley
  6. by   Rustyhammer
    There ain't NUTHIN like a good bike.
  7. by   jnette
    Best feeling in the world ! Second would be on the back of a horse.

    I had a moped in H.S. in Germany (mid-late 60's).. got tired of walking to school.. (no schoolbus system there, but a great public transport.. but I chose to save my bus money for snacks at school instead, and walked).
    So one summer I decided a moped would be perfect ! Worked all that summer vacation in the vineyards, to earn my moped money. I was 16.

    That was all it took. LOVED the feeling. Later dated a guy with a BSA.. later in the A.F. guys would take me along for a ride on their bikes. Still didn't have a car or driver's licence (at 22, mind you !) and decided it was time for a moped again! ( I was stationed back in Germany now in the A.F.) So I bought a brand new red one, and tooted around between the different Air Bases, etc. Came across one barracks that had bikes lined up in front of it from one end to the other ! (Choppers back then.. remember the early 70's?) DROOOOOOOOOOOL !!! As I stepped off my moped to absorb the lovely sight, this gorgeous, tall, darkhaired, and HANDSOME guy stepped out of his barracks WINDOW on the main level and came up to me and started talking with me... ME ! And HE had a chopper, too !!! It was a 650 Triumph. Well, we started seeing each other, he then put the chopper back to "custom" and taught me to drive it. He REALLY had to twist my arm, too ...NOT ! :chuckle:
    I liked it so much, and did so well, he began to worry about losing his bike to me and we started looking around for my own. We got married a year later, and my wedding gift was my own 1963 BMW complete with sidecar !
    Also was initiated as 1st female FULL member (as opposed to honorary..when you just ride on the back) of the Bones M.C. over there which had 4 chapters in Germany. It was soooooooo cool !

    Rode to all the big outdoor rockconcerts, pigroasts, MC ralleys all over Europe. Drove that baby to Spain, France, Austria, Holland, Switzerland... just had the BEST time ! Packed our dufflebags full of camping gear, tent... and off we went !

    Girls just did NOT ride bikes back in those days ! But I drove it to work every day.. to the USAF Hosp. where I was a medic.. 30 miles each way.. rain, shine. sleet, snow. Was the only transportation I had !

    That was the beginning... my sis came over to visit me for a month, ended up being so jealous she went and bought her own BMW, and stayed a full year ridinig around with us ! I even put her up in my barracks room.. I was married now and we had our own place, but still had my room on base ! Hee, hee !

    Once we came to the States, I picked up another BMW.. a 1968.. to exchange parts, etc. if needed, and as a "spare"..

    Here 30 years later, still riding, still feeling the wind in my hair, still eating bugs and loving every minute of it !


    OH ! And I still have my old leather, and my "colors" from Bones MC. !
  8. by   jnette

    Born to Boop !!!
  9. by   night owl

    i it!!!
  10. by   jnette
    Nightowl... be spontaneous ! Do what you dream of ! Don't let life pass you by... LIVE it !

  11. by   Dplear
    I have the 2000 Harley Heritage Springer classic...I LOVE that bike. I learned to ride a scoot around at about age 7-8. my dad had an old Honda Chief. Remeber that bike well. Indian chief head on the side red in color. In college I rode a honda 754 Supersport. I still have fond memories of that bike. I taught a few girlfriends to drive a bike with that one. In the Military I almost bought a 1934 triumph. It still had the original British postal sevice plates with it. I was gonna pay 3000 bucks for it. It was fully restored but it got wrecked before i could buy it. I ended up getting a yamaha 650 special. I hated that bike. Could not keep a battery in it. I used to have to kickstart that beast all the time. My wife loved riding on the back though. She refuses to learn to drive a bike. I finally got my Harley a little over a year ago. I ride as often as I can. It is the SUede green color....really Emerald green. I call her Esmerelda.

    As for learning to ride a bike, contact your local Harley dealer. They generally have a class that teached you how to ride and gets you your certificate so you can get a bike license. They provide the bikes even. They use Buell Blast 250's. A great learner bike. The cost is around 200 bucks. Well worth it.

    Live to ride....ride to live.

  12. by   jnette

    oh yeah !

    OK Nightowl.. and others... am I doing a good job getting you motivated to get off the BACK of those bikes?

    Be prepared for miles of smiles !!!

    Also.. if you're seriously considering buying your own.. don't make the mistake of going with a "small" one. The bigger, the more stable. And they don't trip up over every little pebble in the road, like smaller ones do.

    And I have several great sites/links for interested female motorcyclists...great topics on not only learning to ride, but keeping your bike mechanically fit, etc., etc. All things we women CAN and SHOULD be able to do !!!

    I just read an article online this a.m. about a woman in the Netherlands who just celebrated her 75th B'Day...still riding her BMW with sidecar attached and her dog inside... she started riding in 1938.. still going strong.. even showed pictures. That's going to be ME ! No doubt in my mind.. I'll be riding if I have to attach training wheels when I'm 80 !!!
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