OK admit it, what soaps do you watch??

  1. I watch CBS, The Young & The Restless.... I have watchjed this w my mom since it first came on TV. LOVE this show

    The Bold & The Beautiful....I have also watched this one since the start, which was not as long ago. I love this show most of all. If I can manage to get home for a lunch break in my HH job, I will plan it for 1:30-2pm. I used to case manage several ladies who liked it too, so when it was there day for a visit, I would go at 1:30 and we would chat/watch/check VS/prerfill medicine box as we watched the soaps.

    I also watch The GUiding Light. I like Carly. Nobody else does, but I like the underdogs, like Brooke on B&B, and SHaron on Y&R.

    So, spill, what shows do you like, and MORE importantly, if I miss, who can tell me what I missed?? AND shall we start our own CBS Soaps thread and dish the dirt?? Who's in??
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  3. by   nurs4kids
    Does American Idol qualify? lol

    i hate soaps..
  4. by   hoolahan
    No absolutely not! It must include either a couple who are madly in love and then find out they are really brother and sister, an evil woman who interferes w everyone's lives, the matriarch, doctors, extramarital affairs and love triangles, or clones. ONe soap I surfed by the other day involved a Vampire storyline...I cracked up over that!!!!

    Survivor....maybe, it comes closer than Idol! LOL!
  5. by   jnette
    Would you believe I have NEVER watched a soap in my entire life?

    Oh, not to say I haven't seen a piece of an episode at someone's house when they were watching one, or something like that. But as for turning on my TV to watch a soap... never. Am I wierd?

    Don't know. Guess I just prefer LIVING the life !
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    All My Children----glance at it every two weeks when off. Still pine over Tad Martin---who I saw on General Hospital the other daywhile waiting for OPRAH!.
  7. by   kjseam
    Days of our lives for me. And I am embarrassed to say that even though it is a goofy show I also like Passions.


  8. by   debyan
    General Hospital, my whole family watches it. It's funny we talk about the characters like they are far away relatives.
  9. by   LauraF, RN
    I'm with you Hoolihan. I am CBS all the way. I'm usually on Carli's side too. Don't like Brooke Logan much though. I was a big Taylor, and Maci fan. Y&R I'm for Mac. I'm so happy they are engaged. I just hope Jill doesn't do something to screw it up! Been missing alot of Guiding Light I got dissappointed when Michelle and Danny were on the outs and quit watching. Have to have some time to log in for school!
  10. by   Nurse Ratched
    Used to be a rabid "Days" fan lol. Back in the mid-late 80's when Patch and Kayla were the hot couple - sis and I would tape it daily. My Grandma got me hooked on it when we lived with her one summer. She loved her "stories."

    Quit watching long about the time Marlena got possessed by the devil - just got waaaaaay too stupid (even by soap standards) at that point.
  11. by   hoolahan
    jnette, that's OK to live the life, so long as you aren't being cloned or sleeping w your brother...LOL!!

    Yay!! Other CBS fans. I quit watching Guding Light when Reva got cloned, that was just waaaaayy to stupid for me!! So far the other shows only have a yearly kidnapping on an exotic island (or spa, hahaha)

    OK, who else, I know you are lurking...spill!
  12. by   ptnurse
    I keep up with As the World Turns. My mom has watched it since I was a little kid. I really enjoy watching Craig keep things stirred up and Carly is a favorite too.
  13. by   jnette
    Originally posted by hoolahan
    jnette, that's OK to live the life, so long as you aren't being cloned or sleeping w your brother...LOL!!
    uhhh... I may have stated that wrong... I didn't mean live the SOAP life...:imbar ... just meant living LIFE as opposed to WATCHING ...
    heck, there's so much of that in real life, why would I want to watch more? Nope... just do my own little thing here.. avoid whatever stress and emotional upheavall I can...
  14. by   chiefswife
    I watched Days faithfully (recorded it when I had to be in school, etc) from the day Bo and Hope got married (mid-80's?) until the day that Sami walked into the middle of Austin and Carrie's wedding and said, "I'm pregnant, and it's Austin's baby!". Turned it off right then and there. I had been through the whole Marlena being possesed thing, but just couldn't take it any more.

    I still pop in to it every once in a while if I have some free time around noon. It's not a very fast moving soap, so I can keep up.

    Also watch (off and on) All My Children and General Hospital. I am completely addicted to the Soprano's...does that count?