Oh Where Oh Where Are Our Teenagers Brains? Oh Where Oh Where Could They Be?

  1. due to a certain allnurse.com sibling's request.........i am starting this post on her behalf.

    her teenagers are giving her the time of her life........what teenager doesn't, right? :chuckle such darlings, aren't they? anyhoo....lend any advice you can to parents of teenagers...if you don't yet have any....read very slowly...learn all you can...take good notes...and prepare yourselves for the ride of all amusement parks.........called........the teenaged rollercoaster! yeah!!! post away now....

    i'll be back later to tell you about the three little helions i raised...now mothers of their own......two of my grandkids...both boys...are almost teens (11 and 12 respectively).....already have girls calling them....much to my daughters shagrin! i can hardly wait to see if they repeat mothering their teenagers the way i did, so i can say to them "hee-hee-hee...and you thought i was tough!"
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  3. by   LasVegasRN
    I have planned a strategic defense for this phenomenon well in advance of Emma's teen years. She will be living in a cloistered society in the Swiss Alps with nuns. Periodically I will fly in to check her progress and provide unlimited quantities of hot cocoa (from the local chocolate factories, of course) and dispel any myth of dating until she reaches the age of 21. By that time I will have conquered my middle age crisis and will be able to share my pearls of wisdom without fear of mockery and ridicule from someone who will have no clue what a vinyl record is.
  4. by   live4today
    lasvegasrn...you go momma! that a way to plot your daughter's future demise while a teenager! i should've thought of that for my kids at times...during those "are you sure you are my kid times! :chuckle :kiss
  5. by   kids
    The one 'pearl of wisdom' for raising teenagers was passed down to me by my favorite Aunt...who raised 2 teens of her own and has taught the last 20 years teaching drama and various flavors of English to high schoolers. It is probably one of the most true pieces of advice I ever received...

    Arguing with a teenager is like mud wrestleing a pig...you both get dirty and the pig enjoys it.
  6. by   live4today
    kids-r-fun........aint that the truth! your auntie's a smart woman! :chuckle

    here's a quote i found that i like:

    "teenagers are people who express a burning desire to be different by dressing exactly alike."

    now...how truthful is that statement! :chuckle :kiss
  7. by   DebsZoo
    My husband said something one day, while perusing (sp) eBay............"I wonder if they sell chastity belts?"
    ROFL, Well, low and behold THEY DID .................heehee.
    Thankfully, he did NOT bid on any

    But seriously, having 3 teenaged girls in the house is testing limits I didn't know existed. I knew there was a reason I enjoyed the boys better! Lol...........kidding........to a point
    With my two older boys there was angry, and compliant.........both somewhat predictable. Now the girls, on the other hand.......are anything and everything their moods allow, and the moods change in heartbeats.
    Don't know, from one minute to the next, whether to smile, frown, cry, or ignore them, for the minute.
    Hmmmmm, thinking Prozac might help.................ME, not them......heeheee

    LasVegas : I LOVE your plan

    Kids-R-Fun..........Absolutely true advice from your wise aunt.
    My oldest seemed to calm down as soon as he got his dad and me in an uproar...............he was calm, and all smiles THEN
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  8. by   oramar
    My kids are way past the teen stage, I did not start to like them ill about age 20. My sisters daughter will be 20 in November and I just noticed she is starting to act like a grown up. I am starting to like her also.
  9. by   leesonlpn
    My son is 17, will be 18 in Oct. I love him as a mother does, but a lot of the time I don't like him. Things he says, the way he acts, his attitude, are completely opposite of how he was raised. He can't see past his nose. He always has to learn things the hard way, and not just once either. Yesterday he just drove his car out of the autobody shop after if getting fixed from previous accidents, he was at an intersection then bang, a cyclist runs into his hood. Dents it in. He hadn't left the autobody shop for a minute.,You could still smell the fresh paint. His dad was behind, and there was a witness - was the cyclists fault, but stll - black cloud over his head for sure. Daughter 15 1/2. Thinks she is doing the world a favor by being here.She can't see past her nose either. Got fired from her job at dairy queen yesterday because of her attitude. But of course - "it wasn't my fault". How is it you raise them with what's right and what's wrong, don't kick animals and open doors for seniors, and everything goes kaput. I am not enjoying these teen years at all. If I have to wait until their are 20 to start liking them, I'll need more maalox for my tummy, for lavender for my soul!
  10. by   live4today
    Originally posted by leesonlpn
    ...................... If I have to wait until their are 20 to start liking them, I'll need more maalox for my tummy, for lavender for my soul!
    leesonlpn...hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's time to stock up on that Maalox...get yourself and your hubby enough to last five more years until that littlest one is 20...and sometimes WAY BEYOND age 20 as my middle daughter has scientifically proven to be true! She is 28 now, and I am sooooo thankful she is finally starting to sound like an adult. Ahhhhhh...thank Mother Nature for not making me pay for a lifetime with that one. :chuckle :kiss
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  11. by   mattsmom81
    I've been hoping for the great reprieve as my son is now 20.....but alas, he came home with another tattoo and his hair bleached blonde and spiked up again. <sigh>

    I had only hoped those rebellion days were gone....but he likes to revisit I guess.....so Mama takes a deep breath and tests her tolerance.....AGAIN......God bless all us parents of young'uns!!!
  12. by   DebsZoo
    leesonlpn..........oh, I agree.........my oldest boy has that "cloud" even now, at 20 (just turned last month). He has had countless jobs, always because of "something someone else did". He stopped by this morning to pick up a mower, and he has just lost yet another one!
    But tell me PLEASE, how the heck do these kids get jobs.......he had one by the end of today!
    And our 14 year old has the same"God's Gift" syndrome too.
    LOL, I KNOW children ARE God's gifts.............but they take it WAaaayyyyyyy past that and beyond
    But, you know, watching Fox news right now, and seeing a 12 year old Palestinian that is wanting to kill Israelis..............I am counting my blessings...........bideing my time, and praying for the best outcome.
    And I keep repeating to myself "I AM teaching them right, I AM teaching them right"
  13. by   ucavalpn
    And I keep repeating to myself "I AM teaching them right, I AM teaching them right"

    You are and some day they will let you know this. My darling daughter was the most irritable / grouchy / know it all teenager . But after I learned to just say to myself "You've done the best you can. " + a few years She has turned out to be a wonderful person and a good friend.
  14. by   l.rae
    hindsite is 20/20...the best way to prepare for a teenager IMHO is to keep your knees together from menarche to menopause...LOL...when my son was 15 he went thru this phase of shaving his head and wearing a bandana and wearing baggy pants...l didn't give him much of a reaction except to tell him to ''take the rag off your head and pull up your pants'' when we had to go somewhere.....Teenagers really like to push you buttons...not sure why....well my kids are past the teen years...but l'm still recovering.....good luck.....LR