Oh say it isn't so!! lol

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    stern believes radio reign coming to end

    new york - shock jock and self-proclaimed "king of all media" howard stern believes his reign on the radio is coming to an end. "the show is over," he announced friday morning on his nationally syndicated radio program. "it's over."

    it's not — at least not yet. but stern predicted that a federal communications communication crackdown on indecency on the airwaves will force his salacious show off the dial.

    "i'm guessing that sometime next week will be my last show on this station," said stern, adding that he expected the fcc (news - web sites) to hit him with a whopping indecency fine. "there's a cultural war going on. the religious right is winning. we're losing."

    a telephone call to infinity broadcasting, which syndicates stern's show, was not returned saturday to discuss stern's comments.

    on friday, stern devoted the first 2 1/2 hours of his show to his anticipated demise, a change of pace from the usual fare of naked women and toilet humor.

    clear channel communications yanked stern from stations in san diego, pittsburgh, rochester, n.y., louisville, ky., and fort lauderdale and orlando, fla. on feb. 25. the company said the suspension would last until the stern show met its programming guidelines.

    "this time they have to fire me," stern said. "i'm through. i'm a dead man walking."

    on thursday, clear channel paid a record $755,000 fine levied last month by the fcc for indecent material aired by several of its stations.

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  3. by   Jrnalist2RNinOR
    I personally think it's a shame that the FCC has so much control over what is broadcast over the air - havent they ever heard of the First Amendment - If people dont want to listen to it change the station - heck, I dont want to listen to a LOT of radio stations - guess what I do - I change the tuner...or turn on my CD player...

    The FCC is putting small radio stations out of business every day...

    Who cares what Stern says - if you dont like it, dont listen to it - I dont like Christian radio stations but they are still on the air -

    They go against anything that I believe in - and equally offend me, but are they being taken off the air - of course not because you dont hear a preacher talking about porn and sex and other things that are taboo in society