Oh my gosh- my son in a chat room

  1. I just got an instant message on my little boys Im ( he talks to his friends on there, he is 10) from a 59 year old woman. Once I explained that i was his mom and he was 10 she didnt believe it. I am really creeped out here. My son will no longer go online unless I am right there. This is too wierd. Evidently he wa in a chat room for folks over 50!! He is only 10!! She just sent another one apologizing, but ewwwwww. Just want to tell everyone that no matter what ALWAYS check on the kids when they are on the net!! I will be following my own advice from now on!!
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW is so right. I am REALLY strict on what my son is allowed to do online. You can't be too careful. But it's not your fault. Some kids' chatrooms (supposedly safe and rated G) are the specific targets of adult online predators. The rule in my house? NO getting online while I am not in the room, period. This time of year, when it's nice outside, I kick him out anyhow. It's too pretty and warm to be in here playing on a computer. Take care and don't feel too bad. You caught it and your son is fine.
  4. by   Nurse Ratched
    The creepier part is that the person may not even be 59. Or a woman.

    I admire those who are trying their best to raise kids in this messed-up world. Keep an eye on him!
  5. by   iliel
    There is a soft wear program that you can buy that will block kids out of certain chat rooms. A woman at my former job bought one after reading an obscene IM from a 20 yo to her 12 yo. The softwear lets you limit time and it keeps a journal so if you need to, you can report creeps. She is really happy with the way it works. She didn't want to keep her daughter off all together, she just wanted to make sure she was safe.\
    I have to go into the office today, so I can ask her what it was called.
  6. by   itsme
    Thanks iliel! That would be great. I have been online 3 times today, and each time she buzzs. I did chat with her, seeming to be my son, and she said stuff like you shouldnt go in these rooms and never give your name and stuff like that, but I am still creeped out big time!
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Same thing happened to my daughter in a horse-related chat room. I wrote an email complaint to the site stating they should not have children and adults in the same chat area. And my daughter is now limited in when and where she can go AND our computer is in the general living space of everyone, off the living room. I would never put one in my kid's bedroom. I also have a program that lets me monitor where they go and a filter.

    I am tempted at times to just toss this computer out the window. So much garbage readily available . . .

  8. by   debralynn
    something else to watch for: my fifteen year old was talking to a young boy in AZ. When I put a stop to that, she started calling him on her cell phone. Well needless to say, I took her cell phone and computer.(Of course after this, she soon went to live with her father, and he gave her all these things back).
    I guess I want to tell you, even if they are in the same room with you, these kids change their screen names all the time, so there is no guarantees you still will know who they are talking to!
  9. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    I too limit what my kids do online. The computer is in the living room too. However, last year, when my son was 11 he wanted to look up some stuff about Pokemon. So we typed Pokemon into MSN search and it returned some links. When we clicked on the 1st link a pop-up window came up with a nude woman in a not-so-kid-friendly pose. My son freaked out and ran into the kitchen but he had already seen it. It also locked up my computer and it had to be unplugged to get rid of it. I sent a complaint to MSN and they supposedly removed that link from their search engine.

    I guess we can never be too careful.
  10. by   Rustyhammer
    Hmm....makes me wonder what all my kids are up to?
    Thanks for the heads up. I think I'll password the computer so I have to sign them on first. Then at least I'll know when they are on.
  11. by   jnette
    Wow, I'm just sooooooooo glad I got through this before the home PC became a standard appliance.. I couldn't imagine having to raise kids today.. and mine aren't even that old ! While PCs were around, most folks just couldn't afford one, and chatrooms, etc. weren't really even a big deal yet... thisngs sure have gotten crazy out there !

    I guess if it were ME, I'd just have to let them know that their friends would have to be those I could meet face to face... kids just have no business talking to someone they don't know.. (and you, the parent doesn't know)....heck.. let them hang out with their REALLIFE friends!

    Kids having their own TVs in their rooms, computers, cellphones...

    OMG, and to THINK that MY folks put a lock on our phone when we were teens if they had to be "out" somewhere for an evening... and even told us that the TV had a "timer" on it...that it kept an electrronic "log" of the times it was turned on and off ... ... and funnier yet was that we actually BELIEVED it !!!

    Oh yes, ..we were not allowed to watch TV unless my parents were home, and even then , it was VERY little but the news or one or two early evening shows before our routine 9pm "bedtime"...
    And to think I thought I was "shyt-on-a-stick" when I got my very own little transistor radio at 16 !!! WOOOT !!! Remember burrowing deep under the covers at night and putting in that little earplug device and tuning into British Broadcasting to listen to the Stones or Jimmie Hendrix ... thinking I was just being soooooooo sneaky and getting away with something !!!
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  12. by   Danamegg
    Being addicted to chatting a few years back, I am aware of the weird people one meets there. I would say it is NOT a good thing for young children to visit chat rooms and if they are allowed, it should definitely NOT be on a regular basis. Strict rules should also apply, like not giving out information like name or where you live. Even just mentioning the school they attend has landed kids into things they could not handle. I think that the software is a good idea. You cannot watch the PC 24/7.