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  1. Anyone in the market for a snuggly lap dog? He is about 2 years old, doxie looking body with a blond curly coat like a cocker spaniel. Neutered, all shots, vet checked. He's another stray I took in and am trying to place. (My house is only so big! ) He's started obedience school (but still a beginner) he is house broken. He loves to snuggle while you watch tv, and will wiggle right down under the covers with you at night (who needs a husband - no offense gents!) He's great with kids and other dogs, but chases cats. He could easily be an appartment dog, although he does enjoy the outdoors. He will need lots of chew toys and probably a sweater for outdoors. A small donation towards the vet expenses would be appreciated, but it's most important that he finds a loving home. You can call me at (916)973-1760, or email me, Thanks!
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  3. by   donmurray
    No offence? I bet he can't lift heavy stuff like I can!.......He sounds great, hope you find someone.
  4. by   fergus51
    I sooooooo commend you for trying to find the dog a home. Unfortunately for me I live in Canada now, and my Chihuahua is quite possesive . Good luck.
  5. by   craff1
    you're right don, and he won't pay for dinner either, (of course, neither would some of my exboyfriends haha). I may have to reconsider!
  6. by   pixxel
    oh... I'm gonna cry! I'd really love to take him off your hands - but first off it would be a bit of a drive. I'm completely a dog person and am counting the days until I have my own place so I can have one again, but for now I'm sure my mom's demon cat would probably eat him...
    Good luck finding the little guy a good home!
  7. by   craff1
    i doubt your mom's cat would eat him, he herds my cats around by nipping at their ears. He's given up on playing with the one with claws, but the one whose declawed (No flaming, I didn't do it, he came that way from spca) lays on the floor and bats at him! Good news, I've gotten some calls and someone's coming to see him tonight. Maybe he'll get a new mommy. I'll be sad though... what is it with stray dogs and men?
  8. by   craff1
    Placed "Peanut" with a retired gentleman whose wife died last year. He's home all the time, except when he goes to the doctor. They will be able to keep each other company. I feel really good about the placement.
  9. by   tiger
    congrats craff for a job well done. i'm sure you helped to make both their lives happier.
  10. by   debbyed
    It sounds like you found the perfect home.