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  1. just thought i would let everyone know

    Oprah is giving away free 2 piece meals at KFC: includes two pieces of their new grilled chicken, two sides and a biscuit...100% free

    you can get detail and download the coupon here:

    the coupons can only be downloaded until 11:59 pm CDT tonight but the coupons are good until May 19th

    sorry if this has already been posted by someone else :spin:
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  3. by   gt4everpn
    lol, i never thought chicken would get this much popularity, but when anything is free ya know how it goes.. i think popeyes had something like this about 2 weeks ago. let the chicken flow!
  4. by   LolaBunnie
    free stuff makes me smile


    but i should add, when my grandmother used her coupon in Cali, they did not give her a "choice" in sides, they said with the coupon they were only giving mashed potatoes and coleslaw also as she was walking out, the manager was putting up a notice saying they werent accepting anymore coupons, and ive read about others saying they are only accepting the first 150 coupons per day starting at 10am

    however- when my husband and i in arizona went to use ours tonight, we had NO problems, went in, gave the coupons, they let us choose whatever sides we wanted and we were on our way.... although there was a HUGE line of people with coupons.....
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  5. by   sirI
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