Nursing Memories You'd Rather Forget

  1. So, this morning, Facebook had the "decency" to remind me of a post from two years ago in the "Memories" section. This was the post where, exactly two years ago today, I celebrated receiving a great honor; I had been selected to work as an RN on a Cardiovascular Surgical PCU. At a time when I'm trying to advance myself through my nursing career, being reminded of a job that didn't work out wasn't exactly what I needed. Of course, two years ago, I was full of excitement, not knowing that two years later I would no longer have the same job. This was one moment I would rather forget. Others include: the day I realized I would have to retake my second semester, the day my nursing instructor informed me I would probably never be a successful ICU nurse, and, worst of all, the day my first job, that Facebook so kindly reminded me of, ended. How about you? What moments would you rather forget?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
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  4. by   toomuchbaloney
    Dead babies and children. So many.
  5. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    A tiny lady post-stroke constantly saying, "ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya, etc; Perseveration X a million to the nth degree, ad infinitum.
    I actually yelled​ at her to "STOP IT!"

    I wasn't caught, but I knew that lady was IN there, you could tell by her eyes. I have never felt so ashamed of myself. The shame made me realize that if anyone had there druthers, they sure wouldn't be spending it trying to irritate a student nurse that way on purpose.
    I sure learned "Do unto others" from that lesson.
  6. by   azhiker96
    We get quite a few forensic patients. Some are from prison, some jail, some from the state mental hospital. I never ask why they are locked up, that is not relevant to their care.

    One time while waiting for surgery to finish, I mentioned the patient's injury and asked the officer what the story was with him. My intent was the mechanism of injury. Instead I got details of the offense that lead to the arrest.

    It was very difficult to provide good impartial care after finding out his brutal actions that led to his arrest.