Nursing licensure limitations

  1. ALLO all, I am an ADN student who relinquishes her collegiate shackles ( although not permanently) this spring. My colleagues in the program and I are beginning to buzz excitedly about our new profession, and one of my friends posed a curious question. She mentioned her concern regarding licensure when she had been arrested when she was eighteen for shoplifting. I know that there are certain midemeanors and felonies that can deny your right to practice and obtaining a license, but I had thought that they had to do with bodily harm, or abuse. Although I told her this, she seems quite scared about applying and being denied her license because of this. My record is clean except for a stupid mishap i had had before the age of twenty-one when I got a slap on the wrist for drinking underage, but would these things matter? I feel her nervousness! What do you guys know about this topic?
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  3. by   joyrochelle
    whoops.soory guys...i didn't mean to put it in a non-nursing discussion forum. I will be more careful next time...please post if you have input though!