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  1. Ok. this is my first post--so I hope it's in the right spot.. and I hope i can find the answers... I am looking for some really cute and unique nursing coffee cups. I don't really like the ones that just look like a decal glued to a plain cup. I saw one that has an old vintage style nurse who was in a red dress... on a cream colored cup.. and I have looked everywhere I know to look for it. just can't find really cute ones. Can anybody help me? I know this is an unusual posting--probably. I just need some help. Thanks!!
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    This is one of the sites I found........lots of cute stuff! I will let you know it I find more!
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    Thank you for your help!!! If you know of any others--just let me know. I'm looking at those sites now.. but.. I had better wait til later--I have finals tomorrow. Graduation is on Saturday!@@
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    You are welcome, and congrats on graduation!!

    I'll let you know if I run across anymore!
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    Drink my Tea outta this one daily

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