Nurse tells of 'gardener' Saddam

  1. An interesting article from BBC---

    BBC NEWS | Middle East | Nurse tells of 'gardener' Saddam

    Saddam Hussein watered weeds in a jail garden and drank coffee while smoking cigars to keep his blood pressure down, a US army nurse who cared for him says.

    Sgt Ellis looked after the former Iraqi leader - whom they called 'Victor' - in 2004 and 2005 at a camp near Baghdad.
    The prisoner rarely complained during his time in captivity, he said.
    He added that he was under strict orders to do whatever necessary to keep Saddam alive. "Saddam Hussein cannot die in US custody," he said a US colonel had told him.

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  3. by   Indy
    Very interesting that caffeine and nicotine would keep blood pressure down.
  4. by   rclimbr
    Right now in the news all you hear is negative things. Especially when it comes to Saddam. This is a story about a military nurse whom cared for him while he was in detention. This guy is a true professional. How many of us could care for a tyrant?
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  5. by   sirI
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