number one movie for last couple of weeks

  1. I tell ya, I admit it made me squirm but I laughed just as much as I squirmed. Am talking about Anger Managment with Sandlers and Nicholson. Went in group of six, five of us thought it was funny and one absolutely hated it. The person who hated it says it offended them. So I have to say that it is good but qualify that with the fact that some find it offensive.
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  3. by   plumrn
    Haven't seen it, but the commercials are really funny to me. Hope to see it soon. I like both Nicholson and Sandler.
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    My son and his girlfriend walked out after the first 30 minutes . . . . . said it was stupid and vulgar and gave them a bad feeling in their stomachs. hmmmmm . . .
  5. by   kimmicoobug
    I went and saw Old School and Head of State. I thought I would love head of state and hated it. I thought I would hate old school, and loved it. I want to see Anger Management and glad to know others found it funny.
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  6. by   ptnurse
    I am not a Nicholson or Sadler fan so I probably won't bother seeing it. Which is just as well, my kids are young enough I rarely see anything that isn't antimated or preteen silliness.
  7. by   oramar
    I must admit that a lot of stuff in the movie made me uncomfortable, matter of fact it was downright offensive. But the sight of Nicholson and Sandler doing a duet of I FEEL PRETTY was worth the discomfort.
  8. by   perfectbluebuildings
    I thought the movie was the most horrible I had ever seen, no good plot or point and a lot of superfluous sexual jokes and strange scenes. The thing that offended me the most about this movie was how it made fun of mentally handicapped people. The other four people I went to the movie with also agreed that they hated it and it was the worst movie they had ever seen. I walked out early, they stayed in hopes of a good point to the movie but were not satisfied, we walked out of there wishing we could get our money back!! It was just disgusting and awful. I do not think I will ever see another Sandler or Nicholson film, why support actors who participate in movies like that?
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    As I was browsing a web site looking for a review of XMen-X2 I found the following on Anger Management . . . I can see why my son and his girlfriend walked out . .

    Anger Management

    by Bob Smithouser
    as published in the May 2003 issue of Plugged In

    Starring: Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler, Marisa Tomei and a host of celebrity cameos

    Remember those kids who'd trap a bee and a wasp in a mayonnaise jar just to watch them go at it? They're the target audience for Anger Management (PG-13), a hostile comedy starring combustible cinematic sociopaths Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler. Sandler plays Dave, an unassertive businessman unfairly condemned to therapy. Nicholson is Dr. Buddy Rydell, the court-appointed anger management guru who invades Dave's life. But it's parents who trust the MPAA rating who'll need an encounter group after the credits roll.

    In addition to being obsessed with penis size, this vulgar film jokes about incest, masturbation, homosexuality, oral sex, sodomy, pornography, transsexual prostitution and bestiality; in another scene, Dave takes revenge on a childhood bully (now a Buddhist monk) by making sexual remarks about the man's mentally ill sister.

    While they pale by comparison, there are other problems with this movie. It approves of premarital sex and suggests that no measures--including mental cruelty--are too extreme if they accomplish a worthy goal. Profanity and anatomical slang also push the boundaries of the PG-13. In the process, positive messages about self-control and romantic fidelity get lost.

    Now, back to reading reviews . .. .it is so hard to have a 13 year old daughter . . . no good movies between the "boring G-rated" and the profane and vulgar and sexual PG-13 . . .sigh . . .