Now that JACHO is gone

  1. Is it just me or do others notice that when the state or JACHO is around the changes in your work place? such as adequate staffing, all doors normally propped open are shut, med cabinets locked, ceiling tiles that are stained are replaced, administration that you never see is walking around out in the open. Just a few observations I notice. It is so nice that they are gone and we can get back to normal again. What do you think?
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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    Wish we were staffed like JCAHO every shift!
    Wish it were that clean.
    Do NOT wish for the nervious management.
  4. by   night owl
    We had a suprise visit by the DON about an hour ago. Walked in right behind the super who is about 6'2". Saw his little head peaking out from behind the super. Usually we get a warning by phone from other units..."DON is in the house!"Never says hello to anyone, and when he leaves, always has something negative to say. What a creep!
    We just had a mock survey yesterday. He (DON) must be the "leftovers."
    I agree, wish it were that clean. You could literally eat off the floors they ARE so clean, everything is sooo organized, almost anal retentive. Now come on a normal day??? Fugeddaboudit!
  5. by   NICU_Nurse
    Yeah, uh, no one needs to announce that they're gone, because you can tell when the hot water stops being supplied to the unit, we have no linen, the supply carts aren't stocked, and the floor is dirty and grime-streaked.