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  1. Hi all,

    My best friend (from 1st grade) and I are meeting for vacation in Nova Scotia. Has anyone been there? From the research I've done on the web it is beautiful.

    I would love some advice from someone who lives there, or has visited, on things we should definitely see, eat, do, etc. My oldest sister just bought a "retirement/summer home" there, so we have a place to stay.

    We will be flying in to Halifax and staying in Ingonish, if that helps. We will need to find a place to stay either in Halifax, or on the way to Ingonish, the first night we get there though.

    Thanks a lot,

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  3. by   canoehead
    Hi, I'm originally from Nova Scotia, and lived in Halifax for 7 years. I'm sure there are cheaper places to stay but I've always had family stay at the Lord Nelson on Spring Garden road, or the Holiday Inn on Robie. Those are both good and close to the downtown action. There is a smaller homey B&B on South Park Street that looks nice- it's in an old Victorian house, but I don't know what the cost is. If you go to Halifax get a donair at King of Donairs and some cheesecake at LaCave. They have a Busker festival August 8-18 so that would be the best week to go. At the same time they will be putting on free Shakespeare plays in Point Pleasant Park that are fun and make you sound smart when you say you went to them.

    Kedgie Park near Caledonia is a good camping place, with lots of swimming and wildlife, but not near any large towns. Digby and Mahone Bay are very pretty and friendly too. I am from Cape Breton and would recommend spending a day at Inverness Beach, and a couple days going around the Cabot Trail (with a camera). If you go to the wharf in Mabou you can buy lobster right off the boat when the season is open. (Yummy)

    The Nova Scotia Dept of Tourism will send you a map and a color magazine for free if you call them and request it, with all the festivals and touristy spots to visit.