Notice anything at your hospital?

  1. I am a student, and currently doing clinicals in OB. I was in labor & delivery yesterday and noticed a few things...

    First thing was a security (?) person checking all the emergency exits. Bells going off for that door.

    Second thing was the fire alarms going off, and off, and off. When the alarm first went off, I suggested we find our instructor and find out what she wanted us to do. Granted, we all figured it was a "test" but hey, I am a student and really am not up on the "emergency" procedures. There was an announcement over the speaker system (code red), but none of the nurses on this floor seemed to bat an eye, or do anything.

    The instructor just said to make sure that all doors were closed. It was so blase' that I felt it was a joke.

    Then you got the call bells all ringing with patients wanting to know what was up....

    Did your facility do anything with the war looming?
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  3. by   NurseGirlKaren
    Nope, not a daggone thing. And it frustrates the heck outta me. A few weeks ago they said our county was going to Code Red (we're in a county that borders DC) and as of 1500 the hospital was going into lockdown. Ok, so I was really paranoid (are we under attack and nobody's telling me?). I left at 1545 and every door was wide open. That had me really mad. And now with the mysterious flu/killer pneumonia, I haven't heard word one from my facility regarding things to watch for, precautions to take, etc.