Not feeling well tonight

  1. Hello my friends. I don't feel well at all tonight. I even had to leave work early because I felt nauseated and dizzy. I could be sitting in a chair feeding a resident,and I could feel my eyes get extremely heavy and the room start to spin. Plus I was nauseated on top of this. I feel a little better now but wow man what a day. Hope I snap out of this. Warrior Woman.
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  3. by   shygirl
    Are you eating right? Are you drinking enough water? Are you resting enough?

    How is your mom? Did an MD dx. her with alzheimer's?
  4. by   live4today are no doubt overstressed and in need of some serious zzzzzzz's since you are going through so much with your mother's health, as well as your own. Try to eat better, exercise, and get some real sleep, even if you have to take some Benadryl to accomplish the sleep part. Perhaps you can ask the doctor for a sleeper to help you sleep better at night. ((((hugs to you and your mom)))) :kiss
  5. by   warrior woman
    I have yet to hear a definitive dx as to why this keeps happening. It's not like I haven't pushed for an answer. So far Alzheimer's hasn't even been mentioned. Her resperidal was increased from 1 mg. to 2 mg. And that's about all I know for today's report. I am going to call tonight before bed and see if I can find out more. Today was a much better day. But I have to ask how long will it last. Don't give up on me. Warrior Woman.
  6. by   SusanRN2004
    Quote from yesterday:"Right now I'm working on a bottle of Absolut vodka to try and deaden myself to the agony. Maybe if I get drunk enough I can at least sleep. Help me hold on. Warrior Woman."

    Maybe all the drinking yesterday has something to do with not feeling well today??? I have learned from my brother-in-laws problems that drinking usually only compounds other problems...take care of yourself....:kiss
  7. by   CEN35
    hope you feel better
  8. by   warrior woman
    I didn't drink last night. Lord knows I wanted to, but what you read was my fear talking. I put it away. In an inaccessible place. No I wasn't hung over. But I do have mitral valve prolapse. Maybe it was that acting up again. Warrior Woman.
  9. by   Tookie
    Hope you are feeling better today - there may be stress and other cyclic reasons happening - go to the doctors - look after yourself - with out you where will your mum be
    When yiou can see light at the end of a tunnel we often 'let go' - and the let go is on our own health - eat and sllep well - take leave if you have to and can - but we all need to care for ourselves before we can care for tohers - this can be family or residents/cleints what ever.
  10. by   slinkeecat
    Warrior Woman...

    I just wanted to let you know that i have been following your posts and I just wanted to tell you that I am praying for you. I have been thru hell and I have to say that I am a survivor, and You seem like one too. I have to tell you a funny thing that happened to me a couple of day ago... my hubby borrowed my SUV and took it for about 6hr and I had forgotten to tell him how to work the cd player... anyway I had a CD Trish Yearwood's REAL LIVE WOMAN in the player and he could not get it out.... Well, he had to listen to this CD, bless his heart....well, he really listened to this song REAL LIVE WOMAN and when he came in that night he looked a little "needy" and I asked him "babe, are you ok?" and he not one to be very emotional or a big showman of "feelings" said I listened to this song and I want you to listen to it.... so I went out and got the CD outa the SUV and we listened to it together and danced to it. Then he told me things he never ever voiced out loud, but I knew anyway, but to hear the words, how proud of me he is, what a keeper I am , it meant the world to me and so.... I listen to this song alot and it keeps me focused. I think you need a song... and after reading all your posts about the things going on in your life, I think this song is YOU!!! You oughta check it out. Take care!!!!