not enough hours in the day?

  1. and here I sit-with a list of things to do as long as my arm and I can NOT get started (think I am a procrastinator?) I have gotten a new attitude in the past few years-I do what I want to do and make sure we have time to relax and enjoy...I used to make myself and everyone else miserable working myself to death to make a "perfect holiday" I have learned that-1 -My family does not want a traditional Christmas dinner and the effort is wasted on them.I give then their favorite meal which last year was steamed shrimp and pizza,this year it will be steaks....-2- Why wrap gifts for hours and add fancy tags and bows and such? Again-the effort is wasted on them and why put myself through hours of work? I now have a great collection of gift bags-saves time and we recycle them so it is better for the environment....-3- Decorations-I did what pleases ME..Not an ornament in sight this year-just many varied strings of lights and it is wonderful-we all love it( bubble lights,old fashioned large plain ones,small white with gold stars over them..) -3-I made a batch of cookies for each of us-our favorites,not the traditional Christmas cookies.....-4- I just may spend Christmas day in my jammies-and go to my inlaws the same way-with a large bottle of Chardonnay in hand....I wish everyone could learn these lessons-the first several years of my marriage I put so much pressure on myself at every special occassion-what a lot of wasted energy and time-time that is lost forever....It's all about being together and being thankful for what we have and what the holiday really is...It's not about fancy dinners and guilded decorations.....My son helped me learn this lesson a few yrs ago-the yr that he confessed to me that he knew there was no Santa he said-"Now I know why you are so tired and cranky at Christmas time-you do all of the work" Talk about a reality check.....
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  3. by   nakitamoon
    ktwlpn,,,, i love the way you think,,,,,,

    have very happy holidays!!!! ~kitamoon
  4. by   Sleepyeyes
    my first marriage was like that-- made a happy day into an ordeal.

    During the "alone years"--me raising the 5 kids by myself--there were a few years when we did very little in the way of a celebration---

    and now they're all grown except the last teenager...

    this year, i'm "doing it up" because i really DO feel like it. (still haven't gotten the house cleaned; think i'll pay one of the kids to do it.....
    Being overseas in a place that doesnt have a traditional Christmas at all, I find it best that I decorate for myself and my husband and I do it with orniments that I have collected through our travels. I also invite over people who are away from thier family during the holidays and they become part of my extended family. Very few that are invited are Americans and or Christans that I know of but they are without family at this time that is traditionaly known to me as the time for family.
    Not being able to go shopping right around the corner, or even thinking about if someone will even appreciate the thought of my gift comes to mind. Over here it isnt commercialized, there is no Wal Mart or Macys or even a Corner store to run to for a gift. Its either hand made, ordered in, or well as I call it shipped from Santa through diplomatic bag from the states. I gather the people that have touched me through the year and ask them to spend the Christmas time at our home. I try to have the traditional dinner even though its lacking in soooooooooooo many ways, but they have never had a traditional Christmas dinner so I have lucked up on that point. After dinner we exchange gifts , we pass out things that they would never get and we recieve the best gift of all in return, thier love and friendship. After the presents I gather the kids around and we watch a few American Christmas Favorites:
    1. A christmas story (the "You will shoot your eye out story") an American classic in my opinion
    2. Dr Suess the Grinch that stole christmas
    3. Its a Wonderful life
    after the movies we tell all that come to our home how thankful we have them as friends and we wish them a good night.
    My husband and I dont have children as of yet, maybe one day we will be blessed with them. But having the kids around and hearing the laughter is the best gift of all.
    I admire all of you that dont do a full traditional Christmas, Your starting your own traditions which will last a lifetime, well longer than the toys that break an hour past the time thier unwrapped.
    Just my thoughts