Not a 3 word story, but a Soap Opera!

  1. The Cast and Setting:
    Sharon Peters is a 23 yr old nurse and is working in the prestigous,"Saint Christian Henry's Institute of Trauma, Hematology, Oncology, Laproscopic surgery and Endocrinology"
    She has been working at the SCHITHOLE for 1 week.

    Hughe Janus is the 37 yr old, ruggedly handsome Doctor, he has been employed at the SCHITHOLE for 10 yrs. He is the only doctor and is a specialist in all the above specialties.(All of the doctors on Soap Operas are specialist in at least 5 different fields.)

    The Administrator and his secretary, Eaton Wright and Ima Livengood, are having an affair.

    Crisp P. Bacon, 28 yr old, is an intern at the SCHITHOLE
    Barb Dwyer, a 30 yr old nurse
    Cherrie Pitts and Harry Pitts are also nurses, and are now divorced.
    (insert other cast members as you feel the need to)
    Saint Christian Henry's Institute of Trauma, Hematology, Oncology, Laproscopic surgery and Endocronology is located on the back 40. It is a 10 patient level I trauma unit.

    and now as their worlds turn.........
    Sharon has just finished her lunch break, consisting of a doughnut left over from the breakfast meeting, held by Eaton Wright and Ima Livengood. When she noticed a very handsome doctor walk into the cafeteria. She had heard the other nurses talking about him, and new immediately who he was.
    "Doctor Janus? Are you THE Hughe Janus?"Sharon said.
    "In the flesh, and you must be Sharon Peters," he replied, "I've heard alot about you, word does get around in this small hospital.
    You're good, I've heard wonderful things about you," he said.

    "Paging Dr. Janus.....Paging Dr. Hughe Janus please call the EOR (until the new wing is built, the ER is sharing space with the OR, and has combined departments)

    "Well, Sharon, I guess I have to run, looks like I don't get a break to day," and with that he turned and walked away.

    Sharon stood there a minute and watched Hughe Janus walk out....
    She turned around, and the cook, Crisp P. Bacon was saying something to her.
    "I said, are you done, I need to clean up in here, it's 2:30, you've been standing there for nearly 3 hrs, looking at that door......."

    (okay your turn, keep it going.............I'm excited to find out what happens next........Will Sharon Peters ever leave the cafeteria? Will Hughe Janus answer his page?)
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  3. by   Nursie30
    no replies?

    Ok...Huge Anus...!!

    Sharing Peters..

    Eating Right

    Ima Livingood?

    Anybody else out there with any imagination?!
  4. by   Nursie30
  5. by   nursechris1
    Sharon " I thought I saw a ghost. Do you remember Harry Dick? I think he has risen. I have longed for him, and waited for him to come again. "
    Cris P Bacon " You must be seeing things. I only saw Hugh Janus running to the EOR.
    Sharon " You are proably right, wishful thinking"

    Pan to the EOR. Harry Dick is headed toward Hugh Janus.
  6. by   gwenith
    Will join in with bells on later tonight - Can I admit a patient?

    I am thinking of a patient called R. Stornaway who is in after having a haemorrhoidectomy.
  7. by   Shamrock
    As Harry catches up to Dr. Janus, he is wondering if the emergency hemorrhoidectomy that was completed late
    last night on his lover, R.Stornaway, was successful. Also flitting
    through his mind is the fleeting glance he thought he saw of Sharon Peters. When did she start working here?, he thought.
    The last time he saw her she was on her death bed after having
    brain surgery for the constant twitches that affected her left
    nostril. When she recovered she was not the same person and she sent me away. Oh drat!, he thought, I must concentrate on
  8. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Nursie I was reading along and got to SCHITHOLE as an abbrev. and I almost fell outta my your imagination Girl!

    "Excuse me Dr. Janus, may I spot you for a moment to ask about R. Stornaway, please?? I need to know how he is doing after his procedure, Dr." . ....."I'm sorry, Sir but I don't have time to stop right now. I have an emergency to tend to in the EOR." *starts to walk away and stops dead in his tracks...and turns* "Wait a minute! Don't I know you???? Aren't You Harry Dick??"
  9. by   Nursie30
    Oh God, Harry thought, The plastic surgery didnt' work, what do I do, what do I say, quickly he stammered,"No, sorry, you got the wrong guy....My name is Jack Meoff.......
    but please, sir, R. Stornaway, how is he? Please? Umm, he is my lifetime partner, and I must know.............
  10. by   BlueKat
    Did Dr Janus answer his page? No, he didn't get a chance to. He ran into Sue Demonas ... and well, page? what page?
  11. by   jnette

    You guys are more creative at this stuff than I... you just keep writing, I'll keep reading... and laughing me arse off !
  12. by   debyan
    Honest, I had a patient whose name was Harry Dick, he was named after his father Harry Dick senior. I never knew if they were nicknamed big and little Dick deb
  13. by   Wolfpax
    We all remember the last time Sue Demonas (JCAHO auditor) was in town and what happened between her and Dr. Janus...All of a sudden SCHITHOLE becomes fully acredited... well now she is back and has a little gift for Hughe Janus and where did all that flourescent light come from???? Other questions are: Will Sharon Peters finally join codependency anonymous... Does Harry still love Rupert or has he suddenly developed a queer eye for a straight guy... What will Harry do when he find out about the unconscious man in the ER whose DL identifies him as Jack Meoff!!!.....
  14. by   Nursie30
    Sharon Peters again tried to arouse the young man lying there in the coma, but to no avail........
    Dr Janus walks in, "How's he doing?"
    "Well, I can't arouse him sir," Sharon said, obviously upset.
    "Well Sharon, you are the head nurse and if you can't do it, I don't think it can be done, but I'll give it a try........."Hughe said.
    After about 30 min of trying to arouse the young man, and Sharon wiping the sweat from the Dr's forehead, he gave up......."It's not working, he's limp as a noodle," shaking his head he turned and left the room.
    The young man mumbled something, Sharon was not quite able to make it sounded something like.......Jax moff.......
    "What, what did you say?" What is your name.......please can you at least tell me your name? again the man mumbled, and she now understood what she was trying to say,"Jack Meoff," it had worked, she had finally aroused the patient. She went running from the room to find the Dr.