Northern lights!

  1. Just was outside and saw the most incredible northern lights I have ever seen! They stretch over the entire northern sky all the way from east to west. Ribbons, curtains, shooting streaks of white tinged with green, and undulating rosy red blobs. Absolutely awesome! If you are in the north, check it out!

    If you miss it tonight, they might be back tomorrow. Sometimes the electrical storms last for several nights running.
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  3. by   Jenny P
    Aimeee, when I was up at our MNA convention 2 weeks ago, we were at a resort "UP NORTH" (as we say here in Minnesota) and my roomie was another night nurse. I believe we stayed up til 2:30 one night and 1AM the next watching the Northern Lights. And they were perfectly reflected in the still lake-- they seemed to stretch the length of the Milky Way! I don't remember ever seeing them stretch across the whole sky like that before (but I live in the BIG city and that may be why)!
    They are gorgeous when you can see them. I was driving back into the Cities tonight and didn't see them here, but I got back in town before 9:00, so I'll go out and see if they are out now. I did notice the fantastic golden moon tonight-- it just looked like a stage prop when it came up tonight, it was so big!
  4. by   Jenny P
    I did go out and look for them, but the moon and the city lights reflect too much to know if the pinkish hue is the Northern Lights or not-- the pink didn't seem to dance or change while I was outside, so I doubt that they're visible here in town.
  5. by   aimeee
    Jenny, I'm sorry you weren't able to see them. It is incredibly rare to see such a display this far south (I am just north of the Indiana border) so my hope was that quite a few others might be able to see them too. Usually they are only barely visible here. Normally you really have to know what you are looking for to distinguish them from low cloud cover. We have a lot of "light pollution" too. I've never seen the rosy color before. I have always wondered what it would really look like from someplace truly northerly like Alaska.

    I have a feeling somebody else read my post last night. I see our newest member today has chosen the name Northernlight!
  6. by   pixxel
    I live in Chicago and was able to see the lights last night! I couldn't believe how bright and pretty they were! My brother is a avid star watcher (he's spent more money then he can afford on telescopes and other equiptment) - and at about one in the morning last night he asked me if I had seen the aurora... I thought he was joking but he forced me ouside to take a look and I was floored that we could see so much red! I called a friend that lives closer to the lake, but he couldn't see anything at all... I guess I was just lucky to catch it.
  7. by   aimeee
    Worth getting up for, wasn't it! I have now heard from someone in Montana that saw lots of red too. Another friend in Oklahoma could see them but only saw greenish wisps and no reds. I also heard that folks in Missouri were calling authorities to inquire about what was going on. I guess they don't expect to see auroras in Missouri!
  8. by   pixxel
    wow! I can't believe that people were seeing it from so far south! My house is sorta close to o'hare airport, and I figured that there was never any chance of seeing anything - so I guess if I was able to see so much color, missouri shouldn't be so impossible either!

    ok, call my the proud little sister of an amateur astonomer... here's a link to some pictures my brother took last year in wisconsin... much better then what we were able to see:

    And this is a link to pictures of last night and the night before... there's even one shot from Georgia!
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  9. by   shanzo89
    I live in Idaho, near the capital of Boise, and we never see the Northern Lights. Until last night. It was funny, the weather guy spent all night assuring the viewers that it was safe to look at the Northern Lights. I guess with the recent terrorist attacks, people were concerned it was some sort of a bomb or something!! I'm sad I missed it!! Hope they occur again!

  10. by   KRVRN
    I'm jealous...I can't see them. I live in California way down here...about 5 miles from the Mexican border.

  11. by   spudflake
    I'm in Northern Nevada and we got a splendid display. The local TV station was reassuring people that the lights weren't caused by UFOs or PLOs or terrorists groups.