1. Huge Red Sox fan here. I'm still hoping they pull ahead of the Yanks for the AL East title. It looks as though there's going to be one hell of a wild card race over the next few weeks too. Any other fans out there, Red Sox or other? Nomaahh is Gawd (SNL fans anyone?)
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  3. by   RNforLongTime
    cleveland rocks !

    love the tribe!
  4. by   e-nurse
    Come on! It's Nomaahh! It's baseball! America's great summer past-time and there are no fans here @ all-nurses!? I'm finding it hard to beleive. One more time. I'm looking for some lively discussion from any and all baseball fans. And nobody here watches Saturday Night Live? The Boston kids skit? Nomaahh?
  5. by   moni rn
    new york mets fan here!

    piazza rules!

    yes, i know their record! but, there is always next year! :d
  6. by   kaycee
    I live in Pittsburgh. Enough said!
  7. by   CEN35
    the cleveland indians rock!!!!!!!!

    one thing were we supposed to know what this thread was about naming it noomaaaaahhhh??? lmao!

    that would be like me naming my thread omarrrrrrrrrrr lmao!

  8. by   e-nurse
    CEN, any true Red Sox fan who is familiar w/ the thick, unmistakable Boston accent would know in a second what the post was about. That's one of the chants @ Fenway...Noommaahhh. And it's one of the most overheard utterances heard when you're walking around Fenway... Did ya see that shaught Nomaahhh hit ova tha maunsta(the Green Monster in Left feild that the likes of Williams, Yaztremski, Rice, and now Manny patrole the feild under)! You see the true Red Sox fan knows that Bostoners have a hard time pronouncing thier R's and thus Nomar Garciaparra becomes Nomahh Gaaciaparahh (If there's 2 r's they will pronounce one of them). There's even a real funny skit on Saturday Night Live that I elluded too that Ben Affleck, and even Nomar himself have been on. So sorry for the confusion, being a lifelong New Englander I've mistook some things as being common knowledge. Cen, BTW I'm hoping and thinking that there might be some post-season play between our teams, and I'm also thinking that we have the better pitching staff to take that series. I guess we'll get a preview next week @ the Jake!
  9. by   Cubby
    originally posted by rn2b_moni
    new york mets fan here!

    piazza rules!

    yes, i know their record! but, there is always next year! :d

    know how you feel! i am a die hard cubs fan!! yes, really i am.
    like you said maybe next year (it is a new century)!!!!
  10. by   CEN35
    oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!

    not this thread again!!!!!