Noisy Upstairs Neighbor: How I love thee, let me count the ways (long)

  1. Dear Jay from upstairs:

    In the more than likely event that 1 of us will die before I ever get to express my gratitude for all the sunshine:angel2: you've brought into my life since you moved in upstairs, I have composed a list of all that I have to thank you for.

    -thank you for blatantly staring at me while I was sunbathing on my deck as you were moving in last summer That was sweet.:redpinkhe

    -thanks for offering me that beer at 9:00 in the morning 1 day last summer & then asking me, "What? Don't you like to party?" when I turned it down:beercuphe

    -thank you for moving yourself & your 3 teenage sons into a 2 bedroom apartment...this way I really don't know who to blame when you leave your kids alone & they get into wrestling fights with their friends:smiley_ab , causing my ceiling to shake & pictures to fall off my walls. Or when they have their little drinking parties, or your 13 year old starts slamming his bedroom door over & over again. Kudos! What a great way to save some cash! And the constant foot-traffic & "staircase races."...:Melody:to my ears!

    -thank you for taking 10 min - a 1/2 hour every day to scream at your kids at the top of your lungs using every profanity in the book . The fact that I can hear every single word really makes me feel like, well...part of the family:icon_hug: I especially enjoy your, "You're f***ing everything up!" speech. Yeah, that 1 never seems to get old. I'm also a big fan of, "You gotta get with the program, son!" Jay, you should be a motivational speaker.

    -thank you for unhooking my dog's leash from my back porch that day when you mowed the lawn last summer:angryfire . I'm so sorry the annoying neighbors next door brought him back

    -thank you for storing your trash in our garage...I like scaring raccoons & squirrels out from under my car every morning. Yeah, who needs the added hassle of leaving the trash in a trash can in your apt until garbage day...You've got this one figured out!

    -thank your drinking yourself to the point of violent vomiting that lasted almost an hour last week That was, well, I'm not gonna lie Jay...that was entertaining By the way, did it hurt when you finally just collapsed on the floor? Don't didn't take that long to re-shelve all the books that fell out of my bookcase.

    -thank you for taking advantage of our 1 washer & dryer 7 days a's been fun finding new & creative ways for me to get my laundry done

    -thank you for inquiring as to how I pay my bills when you found out that I'm not working while I'm in school. That showed that concern...that you care...and wasn't at all inappropriate.

    -most of all Jay, I want to thank you for whatever role you played in the search & arrest of your 17 yr old a few months exciting to have the police scour our backyard with flashlights @ 3:00 in the morning! I felt just like we were on COPS! But I gotta say - & our next door neighbors fully agree with me on this - the most exciting part of that night was having the police spotlight shone in our bedrooms! We never got that kind of excitement around here before you moved in...
    So, for these reasons, & so many more, I say, "Thank you." Thank you, Jay, for moving in upstairs from me.
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I do not miss apartment lilfe whatsoever.
  4. by   bethin
    You're scaring me. I'm moving in to my first apt next week.

    I hope I don't have a neighbor like Jay. Guess that's why they invented mace.
  5. by   RNfromMN
    Quote from bethin
    You're scaring me. I'm moving in to my first apt next week.
    I hope I don't have a neighbor like Jay. Guess that's why they invented mace.
    Oh, I gotta million of these one apt building I lived in, my neighbor across the hall died...& no one did anything about it until he'd been dead at least a month. I don't know when exactly he died, I'm only guessing it was around a month because that's how long the smell was there.
  6. by   JentheRN05
    Not to be naive here but is this real or a joke. If it's a joke it's cute. If it's not your REALLY patient and will be a great nurse lol.
  7. by   WickedRedRN
    I don't miss apartment living either.

    Sadly, my next door neighbors in the rental house have given some of my apartment days a run for their money.

    Thanksgiving day 3 years ago I looked outside and noticed 5 police cars and one officer bringing the K9 up the drive. Called the landlord pretty quick on that one!
  8. by   RNfromMN
    Oh, no no no no, pain as renter is all too real. "Dad's" home right now...I believe (if I heard correctly) he kicked his oldest out today (for "f***ing up again") & told him to go back to jail. Currently he's yelling at the other two to do the f-ing dishes. (And please, I hope no one's picturing me as some crazy eavesdropping neighbor...last week I actually heard this guy's cell phone ring upstairs-walls are pretty thin here). The vomiting episode was unbelievable...the only reason I knew it was alcohol-induced was because of the thunderous crash he took to the floor afterwards...oh, & the 24 empty beer cans in the garage the next day. The police chase with his kid...they'd only been living here a month when that happened...apparently he stole his mom's car.
    No, I thought about "embellishing" in here to make it funnier, but then I came up with the idea to print this out & slip it under his door when I can finally move out of here...pending 1 nursing degree, thank you very much
    And I don't think that I'm that patient...I've called the police a couple times. I think calling the landlord would be a waste of time...we used to have these kids upstairs that would throw obnoxiously loud parties until 4a.m....I complained to the landlord & yeah, he did kick them out...and then moved in the Brady Bunch upstairs. I don't think he cares who's living up there.
  9. by   BSNtobe2009
    Quote from Marie_LPN
    I do not miss apartment lilfe whatsoever.
    AMEN to that. I swear I would live in my car before I would rent another apartment.
  10. by   Spidey's mom
    I was thinking that I wish there was a way for you to slip this under his door. But, yeah, you would have to move first.

    I do not miss apartment life either . . . .

  11. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from Marie_LPN
    I do not miss apartment lilfe whatsoever.
    I share your sentiments exactly. :spin:

    I lived in apartments from birth until age 16 and would never willingly go back to living like that again. I have not-so-fond recollections of the neighbor's screaming, noise from adjacent units, search warrants being served, and so forth.
  12. by   Lisa CCU RN
    The parking isn't so nice in apartments either.

    I really appreciate my neighbors parking their car, truck, AND motorcycle right near their door while I trudge from the dark recesses of the lot with all my groceries and my nursing school books.

    Add to that at least three inoperable cars that per the apartment rules are supposed to be moved within ten days, and you see how fun the parking can be.

    I swear there is a car sitting on not one, but TWO flat tires that has been here over six months.

    I had the noise issue too in the apartments before these. My upstairs neighbors had two boys who never sat down. Now I just listen to my own kids run around.

    It never ends.
  13. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Oh been there, done that. I hope apartment life is over for me, forever. I feel for you. I remember, waking up to the lovely sound of some frat guys puking outside my bedroom window at 4 a.m. (my wonderful downstairs neighbors having one of their nearly everynight parties). And each dude had a stereo in his bedroom, all with different music, from Christina Aguilera to Eminem, playing til all hours of the morning. This was the garbage we put up with for 8 months while in our apartment, waiting for base housing, oh and there's more fun, folks......

    Ummm, yea nice memories of the lady above us thought 5 a.m. was a great time to do her laundry and do aerobics, overhead. And who loved to play her own music in her bedroom til 11 or midnight.....(not to mention her very active bedroom life which we did NOT want to know about....oh yea, SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET).

    Oh and the nice gentlemen across from me that housed about 150 reptiles of all shapes and sizes (including an alligator in a tub), oh that aroma was lovely in summertime (none of us had air con, so we got to smell that when our windows were open on 85 degree days). Nice guys, really, but OMG the stink......horrible. It mixed nicely with the hashish they smoked, I guess, to get past the odor of all those friendly little pets of theirs. Of course all of this was against the rules, but do you think the manager gave a rats behind? ya right. Just give him the rent and go away....speaking of the rent....

    How about the dude catty-corner who never paid his rent and complained to ME about how mean our manager was. UMMM GET A CLUE man, no pay, you leave. What a nice thing, to let his chihuahua poop in front of MY doorway.....dink.

    Oh and knowing there were numerous sex offenders on probationary stays in the complex (the school warned us)----that was so reassuring to know that. Nice to know, after moving in, this was a special deal with the apt complex and their probationary programs! I felt so good sleeping at night, knowing this.

    And the dumpster that magically rolled across the parking lot, hitting our truck and denting it. That was icing on the cake, the last month we lived there. Loved that.

    One recommendation: Buy some sound-blocking headphones or a good box fan for sleeping at night. It was the only thing that saved my sanity in those days. And have a good sense of humor. Really you will need it.

    NEVER AGAIN if I can help it. Pure hell.
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  14. by   EmerNurse
    I remember my very first apt - paper thin walls - it was a convert so there was pretty much only panneling between apts. Couple next door were VERY armourous and SHE was VERY VERY loud. Good grief like living next door to a live sex show - every single night! (don't some people SLEEP?).

    Then later, owned a duplex and the owner of the one next door (attached) rented to a group of unruly young gentlemen (term used VERY loosely). I had a brand new baby, and they had parties every night, sold drugs at every hours of the day, BLARED music to the point that my walls shook, with a deep bass beat!

    When they finally got thrown out, tons of cop visits etc later, we went into the place. They'd defacated on the floors on the way out - every bedroom wall was painted with that air-paint graffiti (beautiful, talented work, btw) except the subject matter was incredibly vulgar, sexually and racially. Good God, these people were simply ANIMALS. Then a nice family moved in.

    When I buy again, it'll be a single home with LOTS of land around it - so I can't hear the neighbors no matter who they are. Gads.