Nobody should be allowed to drive but me

  1. Okay--just drove to work and had a horrible commute for the 2nd day in a row, so I need to b-tch! Yesterday everyone was either cutting into lanes without signalling, going too slow, or taking up 2 parking spaces in our very space-limited downtown lot. Today, just when I thought I'd seen it all, a yellow Corvette turned LEFT from the right lane on a busy street in downtown morning traffic. Seriously. What the hell can people be thinking?

    My pet peeves: not signalling a turn or lane change; hanging out in the far left (passing) lane driving much slower than everyone else around you.

    Anyone else have driving or traffic gripes? Share, won't you?
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  3. by   kittyw
    Going the wrong way on a one way street. I live near our downtown & there are tons of one way streets ... always seem to have people who have no clue! Either they are going the wrong direction, or they make a left hand turn from the right lane not realizing that they are cutting in front of you!

    Have to stay on your tiptoes to drive in this world nowdays!
    (But it's nowhere as bad as in other countries!!)
  4. by   Brownms46
    ...I'm sorry...from the moment I read the title of the thread...I can hardly stop :chuckle ing out loud! You have posted most of my gripes already!

    Stargazer...the only difference in driving in that they drive much faster...and not just on the highways! Tailgating is a must here in the PHX area...or so must of these drivers think! And I have been told not to be so quick to go thru a red light the fav pastime is running them! I have yet to understand how you can have a major clear sunny weather...unless...someone is driving like a maniac!!

    Very few minor fender benders here...unlike in Seattle. These folks have major trauma accidents...and I have never heard as many truama calls coming any area as I have here. Last week there was a major crash, that killed three young people...that has run off the road, and was in a ditch! There had been another accident that caused this accident...but the police or no one else...even noticed the skid marks..until the next morning, when a news helicopter saw the wreakage!

    Thankfully I can drive around here in Scottsdale...and rarely ever have to get on the freeways! And I see by the traffic traveling with me...that a lot of other folks avoid them also! Pretty scary out there! Can't think of anything that could make me drive, that dog gone fast! One SUV...ran over the top of another car!!! What's up with that??
  5. by   JailRN
    Stargazer, if you think THAT's bad, come to LA. Here, that's the norm. Add to that a cell phone, newspaper, makeup, razors, yelling at the kids in the back of the football field length SUV, food drink, and the map for the tourist. That's LA on any given day.

    To not pull out my hair, I blast my favorite CD, reapply makeup, read the paper, talk on my cell phone, shave, eat, drink, and eventually get where I'm going--by the way aren't you SUPPOSED to make a turn from the opposite lane????
  6. by   dianah
    Some days are just worse than others when on the road. . .

    Would NEVER, EVER, NEVER, EVER !!!!!! drive in Paris!! NO, NO!! WHOOOOEEEE, it made me nervous just to be in the taxi!!
  7. by   PuppyLuv
    I hate when people go too slow, cut you off on the four lane, and just plain act rude.
  8. by   Brownms46

    CA wins the ultimate worst drivers prize in my book...hands down!

    And since we're right next to you in AZ...I think we have most of your drivers here also...:chuckle! I NEVER...wanted to come thru LA...but I said...what the who...why not check it out! NEVER again When I go to North Cali...I'm taking another route!!
  9. by   CountrifiedRN
    Driving pet peeves? You hit the jackpot!

    1. When someone is in such a hurry to pull out in front of you, then goes 10 mph below the speed limit.

    2. People who feel they have to pass you on a two lane with a double line when you are doing at least the speed limit or above.

    3. Seeing a child not properly restrained and hopping around in the back seat.

    4. People who sit at a four way stop and let every other car with in 50 yards pull up to the stop and go first. (They don't want to go until there are NO cars in any direction)

    5. People who run red lights.

    6. Incidents of road rage: When a person takes some traffic slight personally then tailgates the driver that did it, pulls out into the next lane to speed ahead of them, then pulls in front of the car while hitting the brakes, in the meantime endangering not only the driver but everyone else on the road.

    7. When a cop happens along just seconds after you see #2, #3, #5, or #6.

    Ok, I'll stop now. I could probably think of more, but these are fresh in my mind as I have seen every one of them with in the past week.
  10. by   l.rae
    Left lane morons.....and......driving anywhere in Boston!
  11. by   shannonRN
    i agree!! nobody should be allowed to drive but me!!!!

    love the people who don't understand the concept of turn signals. leaving them on for miles, not using them...
  12. by   Q.
    I've found that people walk like they drive. Ever notice that? People who walk too slow, taking up a full hallway 4 people across, KNOWING that you are behind them with a stat lab in your hand, or people to suddenly traverse to the right or left, cutting you off....

    My biggest peave is those in the left lane not going fast enough. GET OUT! And those who try to get in front of you with less than a car length but there is MILES behind you.
  13. by   Mattigan
    It's gotten to where I hate to drive. Everywhere I go the bad drivers follow me.
  14. by   Stargazer
    Brownie said
    ...I'm sorry...from the moment I read the title of the thread...I can hardly stop laughing out loud!
    Brownie, this is my constant mantra on bad days--except, that is, when I'm muttering "I. Hate. You. All. So, so much."

    JailRN, maybe I'm not explaining well enough. One-way street going north with 2 lanes. As we approach a cross-street, the Corvette in the right-hand lane peels across the left-hand lane (still full of briskly-moving northbound traffic) at pretty much a 90-degree angle to the rest of the traffic, in order to turn left down this cross street. How that bonehead move didn't result in a major fender-bender I'll never know.

    1. When someone is in such a hurry to pull out in front of you, then goes 10 mph below the speed limit.
    Ooh! Good one!

    I was driving home one night after a 3p - 3a shift--NO OTHER car on I-5 besides mine--some idiot merges onto the freeway from the far right lane and shoots across 4 empty lanes to get in front of me--so he can go about 40 miles an hour (speed limit 55). *****