No MD's on staff, 1:3 RN/pt ratio, High HCAHPS scores


    Interesting article. This is a surgical hospital with no ER. It sounds like they only have elective surgical patients. They don't allow abrasive physicians to use their facility and they provide plenty of staff. Sounds like a great combination to achieve excellent patient satisfaction scores.

    Of course, that means they are cherry picking on patients which will make it harder for more traditional hospitals to achieve high HCAHPS scores. However, other places could be more proactive with staffing and excluding any staff that are abrasive, physician or otherwise.

    In fact, in June and August, the newspaper reports 100 percent of patients surveyed gave the hospital the highest scores possible for overall quality.

    Hospital officials told the newspaper they attribute the high scores to its staff of 217, which includes 54 nurses, but no longer any doctors. "They're motivated. They feel like part of a winning team all day," Matthew Langenderfer, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon who founded the original hospital and maintains an independent practice, told the Courier.

    The hospital performs approximately 13,000 surgeries and roughly 5,000 imaging procedures each year in its 10 operating rooms. About 90 percent of its inpatients are recovering from total knee, hip or shoulder replacement surgery, according to the Courier. "We have a very high-quality surgeon staff here," Langenderfer said. "We don't allow physicians here who are going to be disruptive in personalities or practices."

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  3. by   ElvishDNP
    I think they are doing a few things right - Low nurse/patient ratios and not accepting disruptive behavior are definitely positive things. I know that would go a long way at my place.

    Still, some people would not be happy if Jesus Himself were their nurse, doctor, and physical therapist all at once. And someone has to take care of those folks too....sigh.