No chatroom for 2 days?

  1. Brian or Caj, For 2 days now all i get is page cannot be displayed when I try to connect to chatroom? I can go anyplace else on the net or on all nurses .com. I didn't swear or anything so is it broken? Please let me know. Thanks guys, I miss all my friends. Hope it works soon.
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  3. by   CC NRSE
    No Colleen you were not booted!!!!
    Caj sent a memo (under general topics) and said it was going to be down for the weekend d/t program updates or something.
    Don't worry, caj won't kick YOU off anyway!!!
    LOL Talk to you soon!!!!

  4. by   CashewLPN
    you too colleen-- at least it got figured out...

    well...hopefully it'll be back up and around...