No-Carb Eating Couple Booted From Buffett


    no-carb eating couple booted from buffet[font=verdana,sans-serif][font=verdana,sans-serif]email this storyapr 23, 5:27 pm (et)

    by christie l. hill

    salt lake city (ap) - a west valley city couple on the atkins diet have a beef with a local restaurant after being booted from the buffet for eating too much meat.

    isabelle leota, 29, and her husband sui amaama, 26, both on the no-carb diet, were dining tuesday at a chuck-a-rama in the salt lake city suburb of taylorsville when the manager cut them off because they'd eaten too much roast beef.

    "it's so embarrassing actually," said leota. "we went in to have dinner, we were under the impression chuck-a-rama was an all you can eat establishment."

    not so, said jack johanson, the restaurant chain's district manager.

    "we've never claimed to be an all-you-can-eat establishment," said johanson. "our understanding is a buffet is just a style of eating."

    the general manager was carving the meat, and became concerned about having enough for other patrons, johanson said. so when amaama went up for his 12th slice, the manager asked amaama to stop.

    offended by the request, the couple argued with the manager, then asked for a refund. the manager refused, and when the couple refused to leave, he called police.

    "i really feel like we were discriminated against, i feel like we were treated unfairly," said leota.

    the restaurant's roast beef is cooked overnight and takes between 12 and 14 hours to cook, johanson said. depending on the location, a chuck-a-rama may have only between one and five roasts each day.

    but johanson said the manager offered plenty of other buffet items for the couple to choose from.

    the couple are finishing their second week of the atkins diet, which requires taking in little to no carbohydrates, and they eat at chuck-a-rama's $8.99 buffet at least twice a week because of its convenience.

    "you can just go there and just eat meat," said leota, a mother of two.

    johanson said there's no written policy for what patrons can or can't eat, or for the size of their portions. but the restaurant reserves the right to talk to patrons if they abuse the buffet - a rare occurrence, he said.

    the couple said they won't return to the restaurant. "i don't have any desire to go there ever again," said leota.

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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    If the restaurrant has a limited amount of roasts, then that's THEIR problem.

    The couple paid for the buffet. The purpose of it is to pick and pick what you want to eat.
  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    I thought so too, but I can see where the restaurant could lose money too. If they are only going to "allow" a certain amount of the roast, then they should post that where everyone can see it.
  5. by   donmurray
    Twelve slices? that's plain greed!
  6. by   Energizer Bunny
    You should see some of the people on Atkins where my husband works. They eat a pound of bacon and a pound of pepperoni, wash it down with a coke and that's that! Unbelievable!
  7. by   smk1
    the restaurant needs to be clear about whether are limits or not. i had a friend that was an 18 yr old guy and he went to a pancake all you can eat buffet and was cut off after 15 pancakes. did he need to be eating 15 pancakes or more? no but the sign said all you can eat and he paid based on that sign. The restaurants have to be clear about what are "violations" of the buffet to avoid ill will and customer embarrasment.
  8. by   nekhismom
    Maybe the slices were very very thin, as meat slices are around here. It almost takes 12 slices to make 2 regular slices. :chuckle

    I agree, if there is a limit for one, then it should be the same for all.

    And if the restaurant doesn't have enough roasts, is that the patrons' fault??? I think NOT!!
  9. by   FROGGYLEGS
    There are so many people on the Atkins diet now that the restaurant should take it into consideration when planning their menu. So many other restaurants now have low-carb options on their menus.

    If it is all-you-can-eat then that is what they should much as they choose to eat. If it isn't that should be stated somewhere to avoid trouble.

    I definitely think having too few roasts is a personal problem for the restaurant.
  10. by   nurseunderwater
    I wonder if they'll sue for punitive damages???

    12 pieces of, that will never make it's way out of his colon. :uhoh21:

    I swear, the crap that makes the news these days astounds me. :chuckle
  11. by   Gompers
    I can believe it. My uncle and his family were booted from an all-you-can-eat buffet because they were stuffing themselves silly with crab legs. They really didn't need that much food - they openly admit that they take advantage of buffets like that. When they eat at home, it's normal portions.

    But yeah, with this Atkin's thing, I can see it being a major problem. If you start to get lots of people coming in and scarfing down half a roast beef for eight bucks a pop, they're going to go broke eventually. Old Country Buffet has new commercials that talk about their Atkin's-friendly choices - bet this will turn out the same!
  12. by   jkaee
    My husband is constantly doing the Atkins diet (not that he's really overweight, he's just obsessed with his gut). It drives me nuts because I'll make a 2 lb meatloaf, and my 3 kids will have a slice, and I'll have a slice or 2, and he eats the rest of the thing! Then I'm left over with potatoes or veggies....and I have no leftovers for lunch the next day! It makes me nuts....I can't afford to feed him when he's doing the Atkins thing!

    The diet does work, and you lose weight quickly, but has anyone heard of any health risks while being on Atkins? I know it can't be healthy for you colon...but the first 2 weeks or so you have to put yourself into ketoacidosis in order to lose the wieght. I can't imagine that this is healthy for you....but he'll never change! :angryfire

    (me at the grocery checkout looking at my bill with my 40 lbs of meat)
  13. by   SmilingBluEyes
    this is disgusting. what pigs....

    but then, buffets are all about pigging out. and they DID pay for it.

    I hate buffets for this reason; seeing all that food piled up on people's plates, so greedily, makes me want to vomit.
  14. by   scrubs70
    Well I must admit, in my younger days at university, studying to be a physical education teacher, the whole class would head to Pizza Hut's all you could eat nights, much to the dismay of the owners as they watched us devour multitudes of pizzas, the record of our group being 63 slices in one sitting, by one of our weight lifting squad.
    And, I really do not understand the logic behind the Atkins diet, no matter how popular, a GOOD diet, should be a healthy eating plan, and I hardly think a diet which allows sitting down to a pound of bacon and a pound of pepperoni is Healthy.
    However, The people in question paid for a buffet and surely they are as entitled as every other patron to eat as much of whatever they wish as they like.
    With the popularity of the Atkins diet, eating establishments should surely allow for this, just as they allow for vegetarians etc.
    I can certainly see an influx of Colonoscopy appointments in the not to distant future though lol