Nine days of torture over!!!

  1. What a relief! My inlaws have finally gone home. Watch out, I am going to blow off some steam.:angryfire
    They arrived here 10 days ago, with my sister-in-law with the plan to stay for 9 days. That alone made me cringe. 9 days? Days 1-3, were decent enough. Actually, my sister-in-law did alot of talking over margaritas and were having a good time. Then, just as I expected (having learned this with previous time spent), everyone went nuts! First, mother-inlaw. Completey tore me apart because her dog pooped on my floor. Nope, I didn't get it either. Then my PC was not fast enough. Then, my sister in law started in too. I spent 48 hrs listening to each of them call the other every dirty word you could think of. Then it dawned on me. It's contagious. After listening to the two undermedicated women verbally attack each other, I really wanted to join in and tell them what I was really thinking. Eventually the "I am a spoiled brat and don't care what anyone thinks" session was over, we graduated to the silent treatment-for 3 days! What bliss! Why is it that it took me 5 days to learn to run? I have lived at Costco, Wal-Mart the lake, really anywhere but here for the end of the week. My hus, bless him, was a champ. He let me rant and rave and complain to him about how incredible rude and self-centered the women in his family are. He agrees, and just says he is used to it. His dad is quite the opposite. He trulyis a gem and I love him to pieces! But those women...Ugh. Bless anyone who may happen to run into either one of em. Especially if you are providing them with a service, I promise you they will make a scene in public and be disrespectful, belittling and downright mean. Watchout!!!
    Well, ranting over, I have my houseback, my blood pressure has gone back to normal and I really don't feel like screaming anymore...Thanks!
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    next time they choose to visit send em a list of local hotels. i would absolutely never allow them to darken my doorway again, were i you.
  4. by   ang75
    They say that they are being less intrusive by bringing their camper with them. They usually leave it in my back yard all summer. It was starting to look like the set of Sanford & Son back there. At least they took it home with them this time. The best part of the whole week is right after they leave, my H and I have a very, very quiet nice dinner and take a big deep sigh of relief. The hardest part is not falling into the trap of emotional instability. Misery really does love company. It also really effects my 8 yo step son. He picks up on their constant fighting (who couldn't, they really don't hide it) and becomes very cranky which wears everyone out. I feel bad for him. He gets excited to see grandpa and grandma and then they even drive him up the wall. Poor kid. Cheesey, but I bought him a kite for being so good and tolerable of others. Great kid. Really hope the witch genes don't fall on him.
  5. by   nurseygrrl
    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    next time they choose to visit send em a list of local hotels. i would absolutely never allow them to darken my doorway again, were i you.
    Couldn't have said it any better myself. I think it's super rude to expect to stay in someone's home for that long anyway! I don't care how nice you are!
  6. by   jemb
    I agree, don't let them stay there again! Not even in their camper. Not even whatever! That is so incredibly rude of them to expect you to accommodate them for that length of time!

    Stand your ground next time. Your hubby needs to support you in this-- after all, he left them and married you, right? And both you and hubby owe it to you marriage and to your son not to let this happen again!
  7. by   Energizer Bunny
    Smiling Blue Eyes has the right idea. It'd be a different story having them stay in your house if you enjoyed the time they were there, but man! driving you and your whole household nuts like that? I would've lashed out at them, big time! Good for you for not doing it!

    I lived with my in laws for a year and ended up as an inpatient on the psych kidding!!! I'd never do it again! LOL!
  8. by   Havin' A Party!
    Can feel your pain!!!
  9. by   canoehead
    If they fight in front of a child they need to go stay somewhere else until they learn to grow up. And 3-4 days is the absolute maximum anyone should stay over, after that it's an intrusion no matter how much you like them.
  10. by   ang75
    Thanks for all of the advice. I really do appreciate it. I can't even bring myself to think of "the next time". I doubt there is enough Valium in the world to convince me to do that again. I told my H that if he doesn't tell them No next time, I will be flying home that week to see my own fam. He can sink with em. Sounds crappy I know. But if he won't say anything, then he can deal with it. Or am I being crappy? It sounds a lot worse now that I have seen it in writing. Oh well. It's how I feel, it's my home too so I guess that is that.
  11. by   nurseygrrl
    No, you're not being crappy...your IN-LAWS are being crappy!!!