night shift and systematically supervision

  1. I am asking for systematicly supervision (in groups) for us who is working night shift.

    I feel that we are nurses "who is not that important--- the patients are sleeping, so what...?"

    My experience is that all the patiens reactions, all the thougts and pain - psycologically and physically and what ever are coming when the dark is coming... (excuse my english, I think you understand me). We (night-shift-nurses have an extremely important job, I think!!)

    Does anybody have experience with systematicly night-shift-supervision? In what way is that organized?
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  3. by   plumrn
    I agree. Night shift nurses do have an extremely important job-and they do it on very little sleep/rest! The wee, dark hours of the night is when many thoughts and fears come to surface for those facing health issues that may change their life forever. Pain seems to worsen at night as the patient has nothing to distract them, and mental anguish compounds the issue.
    I'm not sure I understand your question. Could you give a little more detail on what is meant by 'systematicly night-shift-supervision'?
  4. by   florry
    Yes, its my english, you see, its not that good, I apology!
    I think we as night shift nurses often are "outside". We dont get the same supervision from the nurse in charge, and it has about SYSTEM to do, not the charge nurse at every unit.

    Often the unit- education for nurses is on day-time, but then we as night-nurses are sleeping..

    Even I am a nurse with 20 years of very different experience, I need supervision and to discuss ethical and nursing problems with someone outside the unit. (Of course, I have my very supportive collegaes, but we all three nurses on shift needs supervision, eg. every week, or something like that. Hope you do understand me!

    I think or feel that "night-nurses" should be "upgraded "- for the responsibillity, all the dececcion we have to do, maybe together with an intern without experience! Sometime I have to "stop" (of course in a very polite way) unexperienced doctors from doing combination of fex. chemo and antibiotic, and certenly its not my business to do that, but the unit doctor at daytime has given me credit for stopping him/her.
    We give doses of Metothrexat (chemo) up to 20 g. to small children, and if I am not reacting, the child would get fatal outcome.

    Am I unfair og unrealistic? Its hard to correct a doctor in medical questions! And its very hard to deal with the patiens fear, pain, reactions without discussion it together with the dayshift.

    I think we need a discussion group or something like that.