1. Was reading the weird baby names thread in OB and it got me to thinking about some of the weird nicknames we on the unit have given each other


    Thumper....(a co-worker that kind of bounces as she walks)
    Zoom-Zoom (well you get the idea)
    Bouncy (me)
    Margaret ( the only male nurse on our unit....nm called him that by mistake one day and it stuck)

    Cookie ( for a vey handsome 6ft+ guy)
    Casper (a fellow puter geek)

    What about the rest of you?
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  3. by   Nursie30
    Drama queen: office manager that has a new crisis everyday
    Fartmonster: passes gas when she walks or gets up (shares an office w/ me...pewww)
    Toilet paper queen: Me, had TP stuck to my shoe when we went to the bathroom while taking a trip to the Casino
    Sissy La-La: male nurse was scared to work on Alz unit
    Simple Chronic Halitosis(there aint nuthin simple about your halitosis): gets in your face while talking and you have to edge away from her ever so slowly.
    Cupcake: her real name is Cookie
    Leave em cryin' Brian: new dietary manager that is firing all the staff lol
  4. by   duckie
    The only person at work I have given a nickname to is a young girl that came to us at 16, with very much to learn. She stood a whole 5 foot tall and after lots of guidance and TLC, she became one of the best CNA's I have ever had. The first day she came to my hall, I called her "Little Bit" and soon that was what everyone was calling her. I will never forget the day when she came to me and sat down on my lap and hugged me. She said, with tears in her eyes, " Mom, I have something to tell you, I joined the army." I cried, fearing what was going to end up happening with what was happening in the world. Today, she is serving with our troops, in Security. I pray for her, fear for her and long for the day that she comes back and sits on my lap again and says, "Mom, it's okay, I'm home." I sure do miss my girl. Please keep her in your prayers. To all our troops, God be with you! Duckie
  5. by   scrubs70
    Our last DON, was called Ice Maiden, Dragon and a few others that the TOS won't allow
  6. by   Nurse Ratched
    I'm referred to by another nurse as "OCD queen." Tend to want to clean things when there's time. (And you can ALWAYS make time .) I call her Sargent as she is in the reserves (think about her, please - she's in Kuwait.) Male ward clerk is "Soul Train" (don't ask me - no clue lol.)
  7. by   RRMLPN
    medical records person who we called "God"" she seemed to think she was the only one that could admit or dismiss a pt.
  8. by   night owl
    We had one gal we called "Mary Poppins" because she was so flighty. We have one now we call "Blondie" because her hair is five or six shades of blonde. I worked with one last night and called her the Cussin' Queen because every other word was effin' this and effin' that. Oh and then there was "Tinkerbell" because she was such an airhead and "Pinocchio" because of the big schnoz (sp?) she had and "Nervous Nell" because she was just a wreck! LOL, I wonder what they called me?
  9. by   nurs4kids
    better not share ALL of our nicknames here..

    We have "the mafia princess"..little italian chick who acts like a princess..she's hillarious.

    "Ms. Grey" named after 'Dorian Grey'..she's pushing 50 and wants to play with the 20 yr olds.

    "bobby-bobby-bobby" woman who talks about her bf ALL the time..his name is 'bobby.' She will read this and KILL me. Did I mention she is my best bud in the whole world?

    I wonder what they call me?? hmmmmmmm Hehe
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  10. by   warrior woman
    In high school I used to have real long blonde,curly hair that just wouldn't stay straight or lie down. So, everyone called me either Twisted Sister or Dee Snider(lead singer of the group). P.S. The hair's a LOT shorter now!!! Ah, the days of our youth........ WW.
  11. by   warrior woman
    I also came up with some nicknames for some of the nurses I've worked with or known. One I used to work with in LTC I called superstar because she could pass for a movie star. And there's this one LPN I also know as Miss Scarlet cause' of her smooth southern charm. I named one aide Wonder Woman because she could do it all and do it right the first time. WW.
  12. by   tiger
    i was known as sug--like short for sugar-for a long time. my ex boyfriend introduced me that way(and that is all he ever called me) and everyone started to call me that. once we broke up i always introduced myself (my real name), so the nickname died off. i liked it though. shoulda kept it up.