NHL Stanley Cup

  1. Go Calgary!!!! Game 7 tonight. Woooooo!
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  3. by   andre
    I couldn't believe that OT loss in game 6...GRRRR. I hope they win tonight!! I mean, c'mon, Tampa Bay is *not* a hockey town (no offense to you Floridians......)!!!!

    But I'm slightly torn, only cuz I'd like to see Andreychuk win a cup. He's 40 for goodness' sake, and has never been on a Cup team!
  4. by   fergus51
    If the cup goes to florida I might have to renounce my Canadian citizenship. I mean, c'mon! Florida?

    Go Flames!!!
  5. by   JACALA_CL
  6. by   nurseshanti
    Our home is totally cheering for the Flames!!!! That OT loss was painful to watch.

    We'll all be watching tonight that's for sure!!
  7. by   missmercy
    Our house is a "Hockey House" too! GO Calgary!!! Wish they could have snagged the cup at home --what a party that would have been -- next best thing?! Take it home tonight!!!!

    Rooting for the Flames 'cause then my Wings losing to them won't be quite so painful! (seems to soften the loss a bit if your losses were to the champs!)
  8. by   OCCHCanada
    Coming directly from the "Red Mile" in Calgary - GO FLAMES GO!!!

    Ya Baby!
  9. by   Tweety
    I can't believe Tampa won!!!! WOOT!!!

    Actually after seeing on the news how Calgary is sooooooo into their hockey and what a huge deal it is there makes me sad for them. Because as was said, we are not a hockey town here. But it means a lot to the loyal fans who have stood by their sorry butts all these years. Go Tampa Bay! Woo hoo!

    But take heart Canada, all the best Tampa Bay players are from Canada, as are 99% of the US players.
  10. by   Energizer Bunny
    I'm not a big hockey fan anymore, but I tend to root for the underdog and am glad that Tampa won.
  11. by   fergus51
    Hey, Calgary was the underdog! It was quite surprising that they made it to the finals...

    Sigh,..... A little piece of me died last night.... The bar was quieter than I have ever seen it.
  12. by   andre
    Yeah, Calgary was the underdog....and I really hoped they'd pull it together. Really though, they shoulda had 'em in game 6.

    I can't believe Tampa Bay won the Stanley Cup. Sorta how I felt when the Patriots won the Super Bowl the first time--never thought I'd see it in my lifetime!

    That said, Tampa was clearly the better team and deserved to win. And I'm happy for Andreychuk.

  13. by   fergus51
    Yes, that stupid ref! It was soooooo a goal! But, what can you do?
  14. by   rjflyn
    Yup Stanley is going to get a tan. Glad the Flames lost after they took down my Red Wings. That and Stanley with still make it to Detroit, hopefully along with the NBA hardware.