1. anyone use any? what ones? how are they? how much dio they cost? what do you use them for?

    can anyone explain pars and rars to me in kindergarten language?
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  3. by   Mkue
    Good questions, wish I knew the answers, hope someone replies Sunnygirl272.

  4. by   Q.
    I can tell you this much so far: they are free. Some ISPs have newsgroups of their own: like RoadRunner cable, etc.

    I'll get more info.
  5. by   memphispanda
    If your ISP provides newsgroup service, you can read them through Outlook Express or your mail reader. There are also special programs made just for reading newsgroups. If you aren't planning to look at pictures, then you can use the newsgroups online through your web browser. is the new home of the online newsgroups. A word of warning--newsgroups are havens for spam. Never put your real email address on a post. And more than likely you will run into some pretty disgusting stuff that you wish you hadn't. Have fun!
  6. by   Q.
    Got a response from my hubby.
    I had cut and pasted your question to Aaron and he typed a response here. If you have specific questions just ask:

    Internet Service Providers (ISP's) typically have such a service available for no extra charge. If you're serious about them and want more than just text message use you'll be better off going with a 'premium' news service like

    Most people that are serious about them use them to get files much like you'd use Kazaa or Winmx. It's a sort of file sharing service. You can take program files and encode them into text, then post them to newsgroups. Once someone else downloads them, these files then need to be re-encoded to make them programs again. This step is necessary since you cannot post binaries (which programs are) to newsgroups - they are a text only medium.

    They are a kick ass source for 'warez' like pirated Windows XP CD's, games & stuff. In the hierarchy of warez sources, newsgroups rate pretty high. From best (not easiest) to lowest are:

    1) get it copied from a friend who has it

    2) get it from ICQ type chat tools that allow file transfer

    3) get it from newsgroups

    4) ... from peer-to-peer file sharing like Kazaa/WinMX (descendants of Napster)

    5) ... websites that post warez (the few good ones get shut down quickly)

    Hope this helps!
  7. by   Q.
    In relation to your question about vcd's (I seemed to have deleted your original message), hubby said it's so long and involved and the quality isn't that good you're almost better off buying the DVD. He did offer a website:
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