News About Columbia

  1. News from a friend of mine:

    Just a brief 'word up' on the sitch here. A lot of you know that I
    live here in Pineland TX, right in the middle of the Piney Woods,
    where most of the debris from Columbia is being found. I thought you
    might want to know some of the things they haven't really made clear
    on CNN.

    Geography note: I live in Pineland, right off of HWY 96N, one grocery
    store, and Temple lumber mill, population 996. 10 Miles to the east
    is Hemphill, which is maybe a little bigger than Pineland. They have
    a larger grocery store, and two banks, and we beat them regularly at
    football. 7 miles north is Bronson, no grocery store, no gas station,
    population about 300. We are 40 minutes from Nacogdoches, the oldest
    town in Texas, and a very pretty little town with old cobblestone
    streets and lots of history, oh, and Angelina College. There are no
    plains here, or much open ground of any kind, but rather, deep deep
    deep woods and lakes and rivers. Lots of little twisty country roads,
    some unpaved, and it's easy to get lost if you're not careful.

    I woke up yesterday to the sound...weird, loud, rattling the walls,
    sounded like the wrath of God. Doug and I thought the gas station had
    blown up, or maybe the lumber mill. It lasted about 2 minutes, then
    got deathly quiet. 20 minutes later, my mom called and said to turn
    on CNN. We did.

    We were having a garage sale yesterday, and 2 basketball games in
    Brookeland, 10 miles south and a little smaller than Pineland. (My
    daughter China plays in the Little Dribblers). So while Doug handled
    the garage sale, I went to the games. Folks coming to the garage sale
    told Doug about debris falling on folks as they were driving, and
    chunks landing in folks yards. One guy said they found an arm in
    Bronson just off county road 224, and another that they found a leg
    at one of Old man Crowe's places between Bronson and Pineland. At the
    games, someone had a piece the size of a
    football in her yard, and was almost late to the game because of all
    the hubbub with the authorities roping off the road there and their
    driveway. Later we heard they found part of a chest, and some other
    body parts.

    Today Doug rode his Harley out towards Indian Mounds, and over by the
    lake. He said that a lot of it was roped off, that there were 1000's
    of folks out combing the woods for body parts and debris. He talked
    to one of the cops who was redirecting traffic and was told that they
    have found over 500 pieces of debris, and dozens of body parts. They
    have had choppers in the sky all day over our house and the woods
    behind looking for stuff, and follow where the buzzards are circling
    to find body parts. They have brought out convicts, HazMat teams,
    fire depts, and my mom's church is part of the Baptist Disaster
    Relief Team, and they are helping as well.

    A big chunk fell in a dentist office in Nacogdoches, no one was hurt.
    So far, 27 people in Nacogdoches alone were treated for injuries by
    debris and another 10 or so from Hemphill/Pineland/Bronson area.
    There is debris by my daughter's school, roped off, and some folks
    were there taking pictures.

    We are all kinda numb about it actually. At the game, folks are
    usually very chatty and social, the kids are hyped up and ready to
    play...but yesterday everyone was subdued, the kids' games were
    totally off, no one's heart was in it. We talked about what we had
    seen, what was in so and so's yard, but in kinda a shell shocked tone
    of was just too much. We are all shaken, and I guess a bit

    We are alright though. Thankfully none of our friends or family was
    hurt, a little property damage here and there, but we got off easy if
    you ask me. It could have easily fallen on the lumber mill and killed
    lots of workers, or on a gas station, or feed mill (highly
    explosive). Apparently a lot of stuff fell in the lakes, I don't know
    how they will get it.
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  3. by   nursedawn67 frightening for everyone......
  4. by   RNonsense
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  6. by   baseline
    More than I needed to know, but it most have been a horrible experience.
  7. by   emily_mom
    Glad you are all OK....what a terrible thing.....
  8. by   sjoe
    Considering all the pieces involved, it is amazing that no one on the ground was seriously injured.
  9. by   kavi
    Wow, that is so incredible. All of that debris, yet no one was seriously injured. And nothing landed on something like a gas station.

    Your story is very intense, I imagine your whole community will be 'in shock' for a long long time.

    It's such a terrible tragedy, and I'm just glad there was no additional tragedy of anyone on the ground being hurt.

    Take care.:kiss
  10. by   BellaTerra2002
    No, no, this is from a friend of mine. (You didn't read the top line.) I just thought it was interesting to hear what the news wasn't telling us at the time I posted. Sorry.